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Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekly News: May 29 - June 1

I hope you enjoyed the long Memorial weekend with your families. 

Please note that this is the LAST week of electives and there is no more tutoring. 

There are only 12 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL! On Thursday, we will start our "10 Day Countdown" and we will do something so much fun everyday for our last 10 days to really go out with a bang! 

Please remember to SAVE THESE DATES!

Friday, June 8th: Donuts with DadsDads, if you are able, please plan on joining us at 8:15 on this date for a quick donut with your child and a presentation of a special Father's Day gift for you! 

Monday, June 11th: We are having a fun and relaxing day in the classroom. Come in your PJs and bring your favorite book and your favorite board game. We will have fun reading and playing all day!We will also celebrate summer birthdays on this day. If you were unable to celebrate your child's birthday this year because it is in the summer, please let me know! 

Tuesday, June 12th: We are having a school FIELD DAY with all of kindergarten, first grade, and even our TK friends! Room-moms are hard at work planning fun games for all the students to rotate through all day long. Our class is in charge of the THREE-LEGGED RACE :) We are asking for as much parent involvement as we can to make this a special time for your kindergartners. If you are able to help out, please see our room-mom, Mrs. Atchley or sign up on our Classroom Clipboard. SIBLINGS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THIS DAY. Please take advantage of this early notice and make arrangements for your little ones if you are able to join us and help support our field day activities. You will also want to wear a lot of sunscreen and clothes that you can get wet!! Thank you so much for your support!

Wednesday, June 13th: We will have a very special last day of school KINDERGARTEN CLASSROOM CELEBRATION on this day. We invite you to join us at 10:30 as we read our last book together as a class, look through our memory books, and watch our "Kindergarten Movie". We also have a special song prepared.

What Are We Learning This Week??: 


We will finish up our unit on plants this week. This will be our last week of sight words, spelling tests, and math timed tests. We have been working SO HARD in kindergarten that we would like to enjoy our last few weeks together doing fun projects, playing games, reading our favorite books, and writing about everything we have learned in kindergarten and how much we have grown!

Please continue to read at home (Book Bags will still come home!), write at home, review math concepts, and log onto RAZ KIDS. Thank you for a wonderful year of homework and all of your support at home!


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