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Happy Birthday!

A birthday tradition we have in class is for your child to donate a favorite book to the classroom in honor of his or her birthday. You can send the book wrapped as a birthday gift and your child can open it in front of the class! Please feel free to glue a photo of your child to the inside cover and write a small dedication in honor of your child's birthday. It will become part of our special classroom library for your child and his/her friends to read at anytime. The children really enjoy sharing their “gift” with the class.  We will honor your child by singing Happy Birthday and reading the new book.

We no longer celebrate birthdays in class with food items of any kind to be shared.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Note: If your child's birthday falls during a summer month when we are not in school, we reserve one day towards the last week of school to celebrate and honor these summer birthday friends. 

Thank you for all of your help in making your child's birthday so special at school! 


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