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Letter Teams

This is our list of ALL letter teams we will be learning this year in kindergarten (in the order we will be introducing them). Please make a flashcard for each letter team and study them every night. Also try to find letter teams in your everyday reading!

Letter Team List 

ee, th, sh, er, ch, oo, wh, ce, ci, ow, ou, ing, ay, aw, au, ar, igh, oy, oi, ur, ir, ge, gi, ink, kn, ew, ough, ed, wor, tion, ck, ang, ank, ong, onk, qu, wr, ph, ai, oa, ea, oe, ui, ey, tch, dge, eigh, ear

This is what the letter teams look like in words.  This will help with the sounds each letter team makes.

ee bee, see
th  th makes 2 sounds, a soft sound like in teeth and Thursday and 
     hard sound like in the and then
sh  swoosh, ship, she
er  her, marker known as the “er” of her
ch  cheese, chip
oo has 2 sounds like in look, book-the other sound is like in boo, tooth
wh known as 2-letter “w” like in what, where
ce, ci known as the soft c sound as in city, Cindy, fence, space
ow has 2 sounds like in cow, how-the other sound is like in below, show
ou  house, mouse
ing ring, jumping
ay known as 2 letter “a” like in say, day
aw sawawesome, claw
au auto, Austin
ar car, far 
igh known as 3 letter “i” night, light
oy, oi boy toy, soil, coin
ur known as the “er” of nurse
ir known as the “er” of first
ge, gi, can make the “g” sound like in get and give but can also make the “j” sound as in gem and giant
ink pink, sink
kn known as 2 letter “n” like in know and knee
ew stew, flew
ed known as our old friend Ed who means something already happened, past tense and can say “t” or “d” or “ed” as in liked (t sound) 
played (d sound) and will say his name “ed” in words red, bed
wor known as 3 letter er like in work and word 
tion makes the “shun” sound as in vacation, invitation, motion 
ck makes the “k” sound and will always make the vowel in the word say the short vowel sound.  
ang rang, sang
ank tankbank
ong song, belong
onk honk 
qu queen, quilt
wr known as 2 letter “r” as in write wrap
ph known as 2 letter “f” as in graph, photo
ai 2 vowels go a’walking as in rain, pain
oa 2 vowels go a’walking as in boat, goat
oe can say long “o” as in toe or “ew” as in shoe
ey they(long a sound) and key (long e sound)
tch known as 3 letter “ch” as in fetch
dge known as 3 letter “j” as in fudge
eigh known as 4 letter “a” as in eight
ear known as 3 letter “er” as in earth
ea  makes 3 different sounds long E, short E, and long A as in season, weather, break