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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Weekly News: March 9-13

We had so much fun dressing up and celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday. Thank you for all of your help, time, donations, and to all of our guest readers! Make sure to check out our pictures on the ParentSquare post. 

Over the next week, your homework job as a family is to build a tricky leprechaun trap! We are going to be talking and writing about how we might catch a leprechaun. You will have the whole weekend and beginning of this week to build your leprechaun trap with your family - be as creative as you can! A good idea is to google or pinterest leprechaun trap examples for lots of fun ideas! You will bring these traps to school to share this next week, Monday through Friday, with Friday, March 13th being the LAST day to turn it in! We are going to have a leprechaun trap museum and do a special project with them! Have fun!

Second trimester parent conferences are coming up. Conferences for this trimester will be on a NEED ONLY basis and will be taking place the last week of school before Spring Break. I have already contacted the families that I will be conferencing with. Report cards will be going home on Friday, March 20. 

Upcoming Events:  
Tuesday, March 17: St. Patrick's Day Centers 
March 23-April 6: SPRING BREAK! 

If you are at the store and think of us, our class needs:
Baby Wipes 
Kleenex Tissue Boxes 
Items for our Class Store 
Elmers Gluesticks 
Black Expo Markers

What Are We Learning This Week?:


Letter Team: EIGH (sounding like "a" like in EIGHT and NEIGHBOR).

Reading: We will begin taking our leveled fluency passages home again. We will continue reading books from our classroom library. 

Writing: This week, we will also write letters and posters to leprechauns, thinking of tricky ways that we can lure him into our classroom to trap him. We will also write a "How-To" piece on how to catch our leprechaun step by step. 

Math: We will focus hard on decomposing and composing numbers within ten. You can help at home by asking your children problems like, "If I need 10 cupcakes and I only have 4, how many more would I need?" I am finding that students do a great job referring to the tens frame and answering "ways to make 10" questions, but struggle with ways to make other numbers, so let's make sure we are also asking, "If we need 7 apples and we have four, how many more would we need?" We will be discussing different strategies for this in class. 

Leadership: We will continue to ROAR and discuss what it means to have a growth mindset!


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