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CAFE: Reading Strategies

In Kindergarten, we use a CAFE MENU to discuss all of the strategies that good readers use. 

CAFE stands for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanded vocabulary - everything a reader needs to grow!

Please check back for a FULL LIST of all of our kindergarten reading strategies that we will use this year. 


Check and monitor understanding while reading.  Stop often to check for understanding before reading any further starting with “who” and “what”. 

Retell a story including: characters, setting, problem and solution, goals and events, sequencing the beginning, middle, and end. Respond to questions about the story. 

To predict. readers tell what they think will happen in the story; to confirm, readers find out whether their predictions were true, partially true, or way off.

Readers are actively involved in reading by asking themselves questions before, during, and after reading a selection, thus increasing their comprehension of the material.

When students listen to or read text, they can create pictures in their mind or make a mind movie.  When readers visualize what is happening in the story, they remember more of what they read or hear. 

If stuck on a word, go back to the beginning of the sentence to get a running start to see if that helps think about the meaning of the sentence.  It is also important when a word is  sounded out.  After working hard on sounding new words out students want to make sure they read the new word in the sentence fluently.  This will help in remembering the new word and it will help reading comprehension. 

Readers figure out what the author is saying even though it might not be written down. Using their background knowledge, clues from the text, illustrations, and captions, the reader makes meaning of the selection.

Nonfiction text contains common features such as titles, headings, captions, maps, charts, diagrams, bold  text, glossaries, and indexes.  Readers recognize and use these features to help them understand what they are reading.

Readers bring information from what they already know or what they have read before about a topic and connect it with what they are reading to increase their understanding of the text and to remember what they have read.





Expanded Vocabulary