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Monday, May 21, 2012

Book Fair and Parent Requests

A few things I wanted to mention...

The Scholastic Book Fair is on OUR CAMPUS all week! It is located in the lower church building and will be open after school and electives if you'd like to visit and go shopping!

Our LAST SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDER was also sent home today if you'd rather buy books online! Remember that with every order, our classroom receives a free book for our library :) These orders will be due on Friday!

I wanted to alleviate any confusion there might be on class placement for your children next year. While the kindergarten teachers will be helping to make first grade classes based on academic level, boys vs. girls and behavior concerns, we will NOT BE designating classes (or students) to a particular teacher. Our entire first grade team is wonderful and your child will be lucky to receive any of those amazing teachers for first grade!

Don't forget to see Mrs. Atchley if you would like to help out for our End of the Year Field Day!


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