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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weekly News: February 18-21


I hope you enjoyed a relaxing three-day weekend with your families. Only four more weeks until Spring Break!

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day Celebration! Thank you for all of the help, donations, and Valentine goodies! 

This is the last week of electives and the last week of after school Success Academy. We will begin again after Spring break. 

Continue to work on your community service projects. These will be due at the end of May. Please see me if you have any questions. OUR TWO WEEK SPRING BREAK COMING UP IS THE PERFECT TIME TO WORK ON THESE PROJECTS!!

Upcoming Events:  
February 17th-21st: Last week of electives and Success Academy 
March 4th-8th: Read Across America Week and Dr. Seuss Celebration {more info coming soon!}
March 4th-13th: 2nd Trimester Parent Conferences {sign-ups coming soon!}
March 17th-28th: SPRING BREAK!!!

What Are We Learning This Week?:


Letter Team: 
We will revisit and focus on all of our "2 Vowels Go Walking" this week. The rule is "when two vowels go a-walking, the first one does the talking, by saying it's name!" You can help your child with this by making flashcards for AI, EA, OA, OE, and UI. We will work on decoding words with this rule - like RAIN, LEAF, GOAT, TOE, and FRUIT.

For the next two weeks, we will read books about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Writing: We will practice writing letters, cards, lists, and step up to writing stories. 


We started a new Daily Math Practice worksheet last week. Students are given 15 minutes to independently work on this sheet. We will be working on these together as a class every Monday through Thursday, and using these as an assessment on Fridays. The problems circled or corrected in blue are the ones your child missed in class or was not able to complete in the 15 minute time frame. Please look for these worksheets coming home in your homework folder. Take some time every day to reinforce and practice these concepts at home as homework - especially the blue ones! Thank you for your support!

Leadership: Our leadership trait this month is FLEXIBILITY. Our kindergarten definition for FLEXIBILITY is: to go with the flow and be willing to change or compromise without complaining. 


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