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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Weekly News: September 10-14

The class had so much fun tasting apples on Friday.  This Friday, we will be making apple pie as we continue our study on apples. You can sign up on ParentSquare to bring items for this event! Thank you so much! We could not do it without you! 

Our Parent Workshop is THIS THURSDAY from 6:00-7:00. Please remember this is a parent-only event. We will meet in our classroom and go over all of our kindergarten standards/goals for the year, exactly what they mean, and strategies for how you can help your child with these goals at home. I hope you can make it - there is so much valuable information. 

I placed our first class Scholastic Book Order today! Thank you so much for ordering books for your kiddos. These books will arrive in a few short weeks. 

We will be going on two field trips this year - in October, to Greenspot Farms and in February, to the Children's Museum of the Desert. For these field trips, we are asking each family for a one-time generous donation of $35 for the entire year. This will cover the cost of both field trip and bus expenses. Thank you so much for your support! Here is the link to donate on Dollar A Day: Dollar A Day Link

Spirit Day at ILCS is Tuesday, September 11th. Wear red, white, and blue! 

I am so excited to announce our room mom for the year, Amanda Raymond. 

Amanda is Evan's mommy and will be our room mom this year. She will be sending monthly ParentSquare updates, as well as helping in the classroom with Friday centers, and special events/parties we will have throughout the year. Her contact information is: 951-237-6690 and araymond4@yahoo.com. I will also put her contact information in the "Room Parent" tab of our website for future reference. 

What Are We Learning This Week?:

Sight Words: YOU, AND, IT FRIEND.

Letter Team: WH (like in what and whistle).

Word Family: AT - like in bat, cat, rat, sat, fat, etc.

Reading: We will continue to read books about apples and Johnny Appleseed. We will also read lots of funny books by Mo Willems. Students will continue to read little books in class that include sight words and letter teams. Some of these little books came home on Friday. Please keep them inside your special home book box that you shared those first weeks of school and practice reading them every day! More paper books will be coming home throughout the year - if they have a big star or stamp on them, that means your child has read it for me fluently and they can now keep them at home! We are reading a new class book this week titled, "The Apple Tree". We will learn all about the life cycle of an apple as we practice reading our sight words of the week.

Writing: We are continuing to write (or draw pictures) of what we know and what we love. We are working hard on our writing goals that we have learned so far: finger spaces, punctuation, and uppercase at the beginning. We will go over these and more of our goals at our Parent Workshop as well. We will also learn a poem this week that will help us with our penmanship: Some letters are tall, some letters are small, and some letters fall. Please reinforce neat penmanship when writing at home, reminding your children to write within the lines and always start at the top!

Math: This week, we will continue learning our 3D shapes - cone, cube, sphere, pyramid, cylinder, and rectangular prism. We will learn to describe 3D shapes by their faces and vertices. We will also continue to practice number identification, number writing, days of the week, months of the year, shapes, and counting on/"Popcorn Counting".

Leadership: For the month of September, our whole school will be focusing on the first R of ROAR: Respect. We will discuss ways that we can respect ourselves, others, and our school. 



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