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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Homework: September 10-14

Flashcards: Please make flashcards for our sight words (YOU, AND, IT, FRIEND), our letter team of the week (WH) and our word family (AT - bat, cat, mat, pat, etc.) Study these flashcards every day. Have your child read the word, spell the word, read the word. I would suggest making a little flashcard box that you can add to throughout the year and reading through those flashcards a few times a day. Make a game of it. Put the sight word CD on and sing and dance to the sight words. We will have a Reading Test on these sight words, letters and letter sounds, and letter teams each Friday. We will also have a Sentence Test on our sight words every Friday. A sentence test means we will be asking your child to write a sentence that we give them using our sight words of the week. We will not only be looking for correct spelling of our sight words, but also for an uppercase at the beginning, spaces between words, a proper punctuation at the end. An example of a sentence is, "We can see a man." It may be a good idea to have a practice Sentence Test with your child on Thursday night. 

Phonemic Awareness: Keep working with your child on skills such as blending, segmenting, rhyming, syllables, and sound switch. We will go over many of these skills at our Parent Workshop. 

Reading: Reading at home is SO IMPORTANT! My hope is that you are reading TO your child every night and discussing the stories you read. when reading with your child, have them point out the front cover, back cover, spine, title, author, illustrator, and title page. My hope is that your child is also playing on Smarty Ants for 10-15 minutes at least a few times a week. On Friday, your child brought home some of their little books we have been reading in class. These little books can live in your special book box that you made together. Practice reading these each night, having your child point to each word, get their mouth ready for the first sound, and look at the picture to help them. 

You can find the link for Smarty Ants on the right side tab of our website. Our class username is: JCBESS@INLANDLEADERS.COM and our password is: READ.

Writing:  Keep writing, writing, writing! Write your name (uppercase only at the beginning), write your sight words of the week, practice writing your ABCs, write short sentences, write in the tub with bathtub paint, write words in daddy's shaving cream all over the bathroom mirror - have fun and be creative! Remember, we learn to write by WRITING! 

Math: The students have been working hard on math goals - Our math goals in class so far include Counting to 30, Counting to 50 or Counting to 100 (depending on where the student is at), writing numbers to 20, identifying numbers out of order to 30, and recognizing and describing shapes. Please work at home on these skills. Remember to also go over our "Daily Math" practice pages that we do every morning in class - take a moment to go over these practice pages to see if there is anything specific your child needs to work on. 

This week, we will continue to learn 3D shapes and we will discuss positional words in relation to our shapes. For example:  the sphere is behind the fence, the cube is above the lamp.  Students have an easier time with this when the positional word is given - (Draw a circle next to the tree) but when students need to describe the position themselves it becomes much more difficult.  Practice having your child tell you where things are using the following positional words:

  1. *in front of
  2. *behind
  3. *between
  4. *next to
  5. *above
  6. *below
  7. *beside
  8. *left
  9. *right

 Math homework every week also includes Dreambox. My hope is that your child is logging onto Dreambox at home and playing for 10-15 minutes at least a few times a week. 

Our school code for Dreambox is X2we/inlandlcs

QR Codes: Download and print those QR Codes each week from ParentSquare and have your child work on those at home!


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