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Friday, January 19, 2018

Weekly News: January 22-26

On FRIDAY, WE ARE CELEBRATING OUR 100TH DAY OF SCHOOL! We will be celebrating the 100th day with special 100th day Fun Friday Centers!  

For part of our 100th Day Centers, we are asking that each student bring a snack item to be shared with the class on Friday. Some examples include: a box of goldfish crackers, a box of teddy grahms, large bag of gummy bears, large bag of skittles, box of cheerios, large bag of mini Oreos, etc. The students will be sharing these snacks with their classmates to make “100 Day Hash” in celebration of our 100th day!! 

We also have a SPECIAL TURN-IN PROJECT FOR HOMEWORK this week - please read more in our homework section. 

If you would like, we invite you to join us in class at 12:10 on Friday as we watch a special video from our first 100 days of school. I can't believe that we have already been in school for almost 100 days! I am so proud of your kids and how far they have come! 

Don't forget to keep working on those Community Service Projects! Our kindergarten requirement is 6-8 hours of community service. These projects and presentations will be in May. You do not want to wait until the last minute! 

We are getting excited about our field trip coming up on Tuesday, February 6th. We will be going to the Children's Museum of the Desert. It is sure to be an exciting “hands on” experience.  We will be leaving school at 8:00 AM and returning at approximately 12:30 PM. Permission slips for our field trip will be coming home as the field trip gets closer. If you are interested in being a chaperone please email me (jcbess@inlandleaders.com) and let me know BY THIS FRIDAY JANUARY 26TH, as we need to give our final head count to the museum. Chaperones are welcome to follow us or ride the bus and will need to pay a small chaperone fee at the door ($5.00) Please remember that school policy states NO SIBLINGS. Thanks! We are looking forward to a wonderful field trip! 

We are STILL in need of LOTS of empty Capri Sun juice boxes!!!! If you have any please send them to school with your child! Thank you very much!!! Note: if you could please open the boxes at the side (not in the middle around the edges) that would really help us out! Thank you!

Upcoming Events:  
Friday, January 26: 100th DAY OF SCHOOL CELEBRATION 
Tuesday, February 6: Field Trip to the Children's Museum 
Monday, February 12: NO SCHOOL 
Wednesday, February 14: Valentine's Day Centers
Monday, February 19: NO SCHOOL

What Are We Learning This Week?:


Letter Team:  ONG (like in SONG) and ONK (like in HONK).  

This week we are reading books all about our 100th Day of School! 

Writing:  We have some fun writing assignments this week. We will be writing all about our first 100 days of school, what we would do if we had $100, and what we would look like if we were 100 years old. 

Math: We will continue our unit on measurement. This week we will focus on measuring weight. We will use balancing scales to measure objects that are heavy and light. We will also celebrate our 100th Day of school this week by counting and writing to 100. 

Leadership: We will continue to ROAR and discuss what it means to have a growth mindset!


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