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Friday, August 14, 2015

Weekly News: August 17-21

We had a great first two days of school! It has been so nice to meet all of you and your awesome kiddos! I have a wonderful group of students and I am truly looking forward to a fantastic school year! 

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Thank you for ALL of your generous donations!!! Don't forget to attend Back to School Night on Tuesday, August 18th at 5:30 in the Cub's Den (the church sanctuary). We will be covering a lot of important information. For this reason, we encourage you to find child care for your children.

I will start sending home our Take-Home Folders this Wednesday. This folder needs to go to school and home EVERYDAY! We will also begin Morning Folder Helpers on Wednesday. If you would like to sign up to be a helper or to volunteer in the classroom, there will be a sign-up sheet at Back to School Night. 

What Are We Learning This Week?:

Sight Words: WE, CAN, SEE, A.

Letter Team: EE (like in SEE and BEE).

Reading: We are reading many books about beginning school!  We are also learning a few reading strategies from our CAFE menu: Make Your Finger Match the Word, Look at the Pictures, and Retell What You Just Read. Please see the Reading Strategies tab for more information.

Writing: We are learning to neatly write the alphabet using correct letter formation.  We are writing a book together about shapes using our sight words of the week. This week we are learning that a sentence starts with an uppercase letters and ends with a period. We are working on putting finger spaces in between our words. We are learning that our ABC Sound Chart helps us to identify sounds/letters in words. (You will also find the ABC Sound Chart on your child's Take Home Folder!!)

Math: We are learning to identify, order, write, and count numbers to 30, identify and name shapes and sort them by different attributes.  We are also learning songs for the days of the week and months of the year.  Your child will also be working on “Daily Math” practice pages in class.  These practice pages will be sent home each day for you to review with your child. Keep an eye out for this to come home soon! Please take a moment to go over any missed problems you see on these practice pages.  

Leadership: Here at ILCS, we focus on a certain leadership theme each month. This month and throughout September, our theme is "GRIT". We are teaching that grit is perseverance and passion for long-term goals. We will discuss ways to demonstrate grit at home and at school. 


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