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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekly News: August 25-29

What a great first full week of school! Thank you for sharing your children with me! We are having so much fun getting to know one another and adjusting to this crazy thing called kindergarten :) 

Thank you to the parents who signed up to be my "Daily Morning Folders" helper. This will begin Monday! 

 Daily Morning Folder Helpers are: 

Mondays:  Nicole Stevenson
Tuesdays:  Carrie Anderson
Wednesdays:  Kim Winkleman
Thursdays:  Kelly Sams
Fridays:  Kindra Crendell

Other classroom volunteers will begin sometime in late-September. 
I will let you know when the time comes! We are still in need of four parent volunteers for Friday morning prep from 8:10 - 10:00!!  Please let me know if you are available to help.  Thanks!

There is no school next Monday, September 1st due to the Labor Day Holiday. Enjoy the time off with your families!

Throughout the year, I will be sending out many parent emails. This is the most convenient form of communication for me. I sent out an email Friday evening in order to be sure I have all of your correct email addresses.  If you did not receive the email, either I typed it incorrectly or I do not have one for you.  If you would like to be added to the list when I email information, please let me know.  If this is an inconvenient way for you to communicate, please let me know that as well. 

School picture day will be Friday, September 5th! Be on the look-out for a flyer being sent home soon! 

Last Thursday, I sent home a CD with all of our sight words songs. This is a great way to learn the sight words and reinforce letter identification too.  Have your child point to each letter as they sing the letter name. You can also visit goorulearning.org to access sight word flash cards and other songs we learn in class. Have fun singing!

What Are We Learning This Week?:

Sight Words: IS, THE, ME, OR.

Letter Team: TH (we are learning that TH has two different sounds - a hard sound [like in mother and the] and a soft sound [like in thumb and with])

Word Family: AP (cap, tap, rap, etc)

Reading: We are learning the vowels!!!! Ask your child about our special vowel song and what sounds the vowels can make! We are learning that each vowel can make 2 sounds - short and long. We are learning the different parts of a book: title, author, illustrator, title page. You can help at home by asking your child to point to each part of the book before you read. Students will continue to practice one-to-one matching, Get your mouth ready for the first sound and Look at the Picture (see CAFE Reading Strategies tab for more information). We will also practice the reading strategies know the letter sounds and stretch out the sounds.

Writing: We are writing a new book together about our shapes and colors using our sight words of the week. This week we are learning that a sentence starts with an uppercase letter and ends with a period. We are working on putting finger spaces in between our words. We are also learning to use our sight words in our sentences and to listen for the sounds in all unknown words using our sound chart. You can help your child at home by using the same sound chart on the back of your Homework Folder to help with sounding out words and writing at home. 

Math: We are learning to sort objects by color, shape and size. We are learning the 3D shapes cone, sphere, cube, cylinder, triangular prism (pyramid), and rectangular prism.  We are learning that these shapes are solids.  We are also learning to read and extend patterns. We will also focus on identifying what number should come next without going back to 1 to count. For example, if I ask a student to "count on" (we call it "popcorn counting") from the number 7, I would like them to tell me "8, 9, 10.." without having to go back to the number 1 to figure it out. We will continue to identify, order, write, and count numbers to 30.  

Leadership:  This month and through September, our theme is "grit". We are teaching that grit is perseverance and passion for long-term goals. We will discuss ways to demonstrate grit at home and at school. 


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