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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Homework: August 18-22

Please visit the website goorulearning.org to access our “ILCS Kindergarten" homework site.  Here you will have access to materials such as digital flash cards, books, videos, educational games as well as downloadable games, documents and much more.  You can also download the Gooru app for iPads and access all the videos and documents; the iPad does not support sites requiring Flash Player. 

Class code: QCAWKCF 
Class Name:  ILCS Kindergarten

Flashcards: Please make flashcards for our new sight words (WE, CAN, SEE, A) and letter team (EE) and Word Family (AN) can man ran tan pan fan van.  Study these flashcards every day. Have your child read the word, spell the word, read the word. Please see the Sight Word tab for more flashcard ideas. We will have a spelling and dictation test on our sight words every Friday! A dictation test means we will be asking your child to dictate a sentence using the sight words of the week. We will not only be looking for the words to be spelled correctly, but also for an uppercase at the beginning, spaces between words, and a period at the end. An example of a dictation sentence may be "We can see a dog." It may be a good idea to have a practice test with your child on Thursday night! Visit our gooru page for digital flash cards for the words this week.

Phonemic Awareness:  Please see the Phonemic Awareness tab for ideas and tips on working with your child on these skills: Rhyming, Beginning/Middle/Ending Sounds, Syllables, Blending, Segmenting.  You will also find many wonderful resources for phonemic awareness activities on gooru.

Reading: Read to your child every day. Have your child find sight words in the books that you are reading. 

Math: Practice counting 1-30 or higher, identify numbers out of order (make number flashcards!), number writing practice, and practice drawing shapes or make them out of play dough or craft sticks, and name the different attributes each shape has.  For example, “What shape has three sides?”  “What shape has four vertices with two long sides and two short sides?”  “What shape has four equal sides?”  Please see your child’s Number Writing Assessment  that will be sent home on Tuesday this week. You can also find number and shape practice on gooru.  Your child will also be bringing home “Daily Math” practice pages.  Please take a moment to go over any missed problems you see on these practice pages.  We will be completing “Daily Math” practice pages in class Monday through Thursday and a “Daily Math” weekly assessment each Friday.

Writing: PRACTICE WRITING YOUR NAME with an uppercase only at the beginning. Practice writing ABC's uppercase and lowercase (Aa, Bb, Cc) - please see your child's ABC writing assessment that will come home this week.(ABC Writing assessment will be sent home on Tuesday) Also, practice writing your sight words of the week for the spelling test on Friday! 

Sharing: No Sharing Homework this week.  Next week students will be sharing book boxes. (Please see note that will be sent home with your child on Tuesday)



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