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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weekly News: October 14-18


We had another great week in kindergarten! 

I thought that since the cooler weather is quickly approaching, I would let you know of our rainy day procedures. If it is raining (and I mean POURING), you may bring your child DIRECTLY TO THE CLASSROOM. The classroom door will open at 7:45. We will also have snack and recess inside on rainy days. However, dismissal will be the same as every other day. We will still walk out to the ramp/dismissal area, so on these lovely rainy days, please send your child to school with a warm coat and umbrella. Thank you! 

Our ILCS Make a difference Day is Saturday, October 26th- If you would like to help out, come on out to 7th Street Park from 8-12pm to clean up and help with new improvements to the park and teen center. If you and your kids plan on helping, be sure to wear pants, closed toe shoes, and work gloves.

Spirit Week is coming up at the end of the month!! Show your school spirit by dressing up silly every day of the week! Here is the schedule: 
Monday, October 28: Twin Day
Tuesday, October 29- Reverse Day (students dress like teachers and teachers dress like students)
Wednesday, October 30- Crazy Hair Day
Thursday, October 31- Pajama Day
Friday, November 1- 80s Day

A huge THANK YOU to my Fridays moms that have been cutting, copying, and prepping materials for our class - and to the many parents that take prep work home! We have the best helpers and we could not do it without you! 

Upcoming Events: 
Friday, October 25: Pumpkin Investigation Day {more info coming later!}

Saturday, October 26: Make a Difference Day 
October 28-November 1: Spirit Week :) Thursday, October 31: Halloween Centers! {more info coming later!}

If you are at the store and happen to think of us, we'd love.... 
Fun Halloween stickers and prizes 
Canon Ink #210/211

What Are We Learning This Week?:

Sight Words: WHEN, HAVE, BE, AM, WHAT

Letter Team: 
AW/AU (like in SAW/SAUCE) and the other OO (like in TOO, BOO).

Word Family: 
-OT. Please help your child with word families of the week by asking them to create different words with  the word family -OT (for example: COT, JOT, ROT, SPOT). 

 We will read many non-fiction books about bats and spiders. 
We will continue our author study on Laura Numeroff. We will also continue to look for letter teams inside of words we do not know.

This  week we will write non-fiction stories about what we are learning about bats and spiders. We will continue to use an uppercase at the beginning of a sentence, finger spaces after each word, and a period at the end.

Math: Students are working on Math Technology, Math with a Parent, and various Math Activities while I am administering math assessments to see where each child is at. Some students are ready to build numbers (example: the number 29 has 2 tens and 9 leftover ones) while some students are practicing counting and number recognition. We are trying to meet each student were he or she is at. 



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