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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekly News: May 13-17


We enjoyed honoring our mothers on Friday at our Mother’s Day Celebration.  Thank you for joining us for this very special day.  I hope all of your wonderful mothers enjoyed your day! 

Each of our caterpillars are now in a chrysalis. We are very excited to watch them come out as butterflies!

IT'S TIME! Community Service Projects will be presented THIS WEEK! Unfortunately, we had very few students sign-up for presentations. :( Please remember that your community service project is a required part of our curriculum at Inland Leaders, so if you have not yet signed up for a time to present, please email me or stop by to see me!

Save the Date!!!  We will be honoring all of our dads with DONUTS WITH DADS ON JUNE 7 AT 8:15.  Dads, please plan on joining us on this date for a quick donut with your child and a presentation of a special gift from your child.

SAVE THE DATE!!!  We will have a last day of school KINDERGARTEN CLASSROOM CELEBRATION on Wednesday, June 12th.  Please mark your calendar and plan on joining us at the end of the day.

Upcoming Events:  
May 13-17: Community Service Projects Due
Monday, May 27: NO SCHOOL
Friday, June 7: Donuts with Dad - Father's Day Celebration 
Tuesday, June 11: End of the Year Field Day 
Wednesday, June 12: Last Day of Kindergarten Celebration 

What Are We Learning This Week?:
Sight Words: HIS, HER, HAD, GET, THESE.

Letter Team: There are NO new letter teams! For the rest of the year, we will be reviewing all letter teams that we have learned this year. The expectation is that students recognize the letter team within our three second rule, then be able to apply that letter team when decoding an unknown word. 

 This week, we will read books all about plants. We will learn the parts of plants and what plants need to live. 

Writing: The students have been having so much fun with our writing center lately. We have been writing lists, cards, stories, and even making books!

Math: We have been practicing Mental Math in class. We have been practicing adding using various strategies such as doubles plus one, doubles minus one, seeing number combinations of fives and tens to add easier.  For example:  5+5=10 so 6+5 is one more.  Continue singing the doubles song (on the homework folder) as homework and then practice the doubles strategies to help with addition and sharpen Mental Math Skills.  

Leadership: Our leadership theme for the month of May is SERVICE. I am looking forward to seeing those community service projects this week! 


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