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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weekly News: May 6-10


Thank you so much for all the teacher appreciation gifts, letters, school supplies, and flowers.  I truly feel appreciated each and every day when you send your children to me.  Thank you for all of your support this year.  It has been very much appreciated!

We have had so much fun watching our caterpillars get bigger and bigger and fatter and fatter as we read about their metamorphosis. We hope they will turn into a chrysalis soon. 

This week, we will be having a Classroom Spelling Bee. Students will be tested on spelling all of our sight words we have learned so far this year. The student that wins our Classroom Spelling Bee will get to move on to be a participant in our school Spelling Bee in June. Practicing old sight words each week is also important to better prepare your child for First Grade.  

We are excited for our very special Mother's Day centers on Friday, May 10th from 10:30-11:30. There will be activities, games, and even a snack! You will be painting with your children, so don't wear anything too fancy! Hope you are able to make it!

Community Service projects are due NEXT WEEK! Students will be presenting a short 3-5 minute oral presentation of their project next week. Please practice this presentation with your child so that they are prepared to present in class. We will have sign-ups for presentations on the Classroom Clipboard this week. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me. 

Upcoming Events:  
Friday, May 10: Mother's Day Celebration 
May 13-17: Community Service Projects Due
Friday, June 7: Donuts with Dad - Father's Day Celebration 
Tuesday, June 11: End of the Year Field Day 
Wednesday, June 12: Last Day of Kindergarten Celebration 

What Are We Learning This Week?:

Letter Team: There are NO new letter teams! For the rest of the year, we will be reviewing all letter teams that we have learned this year. The expectation is that students recognize the letter team within our three second rule, then be able to apply that letter team when decoding an unknown word. 

 We will continue to read books about caterpillars, butterflies, and spring.

Writing: Students may choose if they would like to write a step up to writing or fictional stories about butterflies. 

Math: We have been working on greater than and less than in class. We have also become mathematicians as we study our new mathematical instrument - the rekenrek. This tool helps us with many math problems. Every day, we will also work on a critical thinking math story problem to answer in our new math journals. I will continue asking students to "explain their thinking" and how they solved their problems.

Leadership: Our leadership theme for the month of May is SERVICE. Keep working on those community service projects!


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