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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekly News: October 17-21

A flyer came home in child’s Take Home Folder last week explaining our Compassion Project.  We are learning that the meaning of compassion is to recognize the suffering of others and then take action to help.  We would like to take action by making care packages for the homeless in our community.  Each class is being asked to donate supplies for the care packages.  We are responsible for granola bars, travel size kleenex and packs of gum.  Thank you for your support!

Stop by Fresh and Easy on Wednesday night for our Shop For Schools Shopping Night!

We will be celebrating Spirit Week beginning Monday, October 24.  Your child can take part by dressing up in the following ways:
Monday, October 24 - Blue and Yellow Day
Tuesday, October 25 - Crazy Sock Day
Wednesday, October 26 - Crazy Hat Day
Thursday, October 27 - Pajama Day
Friday, October 28 - Sports Day (wear your favorite sport jersey)

Thank you SO MUCH to the moms that attend our "Prep Parties" on Friday mornings to help prepare our materials for class. Also, thank you to my wonderful volunteers in the classroom :) 

Keep practicing our "We Are Leaders" song. It is on our song tab!! Remember that students who have it memorized by December will receive a special prize!

What Are We Learning This Week?:

Sight Words: WHEN, HAVE, BE, AM.

Letter Team: AW/AU (like in SAW/CAUGHT) and the other OO (like in TOO, BOO).

Word Family: -OT. Please help your child with word families of the week by asking them to create different words with  the word family -OT (for example: COT, JOT, ROT, SPOT).

Reading: This week, we will focus on a new strategy, "Look for a smaller word inside the word" (Please see Reading Strategies Tab). This week, we will continue to read books about fall and leaves and read our special poem of the week, "Scarecrow". We will also focus on syllables!! A lot of our friends still have a hard time distinguishing between syllables and sounds. You can help at home by having your child count the syllables in words and reminding them about the difference between syllables and sounds.

Writing: This week we will write a big book together about ways we can be compassionate. This big book will be written using the sight words we have learned so far. We will continue learning to put spaces between each word, use an uppercase at the beginning of each sentence with lowercase letters throughout the rest of the sentence, and use a period at the end. We are also learning to use our sight words in our sentences and to listen for the sounds in all unknown words using our sound chart. This  week we will also learn to write the date on each of our stories so we can remember what day we wrote that story. Last week, we met two new writing friends, Neat Nancy and Sloppy Joe. We decided we were ALL going to try to write like Neat Nancy!

Math: We are starting simple addition this week. We are also learning ALL of our geometic shapes (cube, sphere, cone, cylinder). We will continue counting by tens, counting money and telling time to the hour, learning how to identify, order, and count numbers to 30 and write numbers to 10, learning the days of the week, months of the year, shapes, how to read and extend patterns, and identify what number comes next. 

Leadership: This month our theme is "compassion". We are learning that compassion is when you want to help someone that needs help or be a friend to someone who needs a friend. We will also learn that we can show compassion to people, to animals, and to our earth.


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