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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Homework: October 31-November 4

Flashcards: Study sight word and letter team flashcards DAILY! These are so important for your child's reading! New words for this week are: BOY, GIRL, HAS, NICE and new letter teams are OY/OI.

Reading: Book bag and Book box reading EVERYDAY!

Math: We want students to be practicing math at THEIR LEVEL. For some students, this means still counting practice, number flashcards, and number writing practice. For other students, counting money and simple addition is appropriate. YOU know your child best. Please make sure to practice a little bit of what your child needs for math practice every day. If you see a math paper that has come home with my writing on it or circled problems that your child is struggling with, please reinforce those worksheets at home!

Writing: This is the same as math practice. YOU know what your child needs. For some students, alphabet writing practice is still needed. If your child is doing well with alphabet and name writing, practice writing sentences or short stories.

Sharing: Write one sentence about ways to show generosity. Draw a picture to go with your sentence. Make sure you practice reading your sentence at home so you are prepared to read in front of the class. Sharing is due any day this week. Please see the "Attachment Library" page to download our Sharing Page - this is a great paper for sharing with a picture and writing space :)


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