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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekly News: September 19-23


Thank you to Mrs. Atchley for a fun "Unbirthday Celebration"! What a surprise! A big thank you to all of my kindergarten friends for all of my sweet and silly cards! :)

We had so much fun tasting apples this week! This Friday, we will be making apple pie!! Please see the Classroom Clipboard on our morning table if you are able to donate items for this day. Thank you!

Our parent volunteer program will begin this week!!! Our time on Mondays through Thursdays will begin at 10:00 and on Fridays at 10:30. If you are able to come a few minutes before I would love it! Thank you in advance for donating your valuable time in our classroom! Please check the Attachment Library for our current parent volunteer schedule. A reminder: if you cannot make one of your scheduled days, please either "cover your shift" with another parent or let me know so that I can adjust our activities accordingly. Thank you for your support!

Over the next four weeks, we will begin sending home Book Bags with your child. Book Bags are to be brought back and forth, home to school, every day. Book bags are also an ESSENTIAL part of your child's home reading - they should be reading these books EVERY DAY for homework. We will only be started one group each week, so look for your child's book bag sometime in the next month!!

The electives list of which electives students signed up for will be posted on our campus (outside the office) on Thursday! Electives on our campus will begin the week of September 26th. If your child is participating in an elective, you may send a lunch to school with him/her on that elective day and lunch supervision will be provided for your children on these days.

What Are We Learning This Week?:

Sight Words: YOU, AND, IT FRIEND.

Letter Team: WH (like in "what" and "whistle").

Word Family: -AT. We have been studying word families in class. Word families are words that have different beginning sounds with the same ending chunks. Please help your child with word families of the week by asking them to create different words with  the word family -at (cat, bat, rat, fat, etc).

Reading: This week, we will focus on a new strategy, "Go back and get a running start" (Please see Reading Strategies Tab). We will continue to read books about apples and Johnny Appleseed and continue to read books about colors as we learn our color words.

Writing: We are writing a big book together about the life cycle of an apple using sight words we have learned so far. We will be studying how an apple grows, from seed to tree to blossom to apple. This week we learned that when we get stuck on writing a word, we can put that word in our mouth and pull it out slowly like bubblegum, writing down the sounds that we hear. We will continue learning to put spaces between each word, use an uppercase at the beginning of each sentence with lowercase letters throughout, and use a period at the end. We will continue to use our sight words in our sentences and use our sound chart to help us sound out the words we do not know how to write.

Math: This week, we will learn how to tell time to the hour. We will learn that when the "big hand points up, it means o'clock". Please reinforce this at home by looking at clocks around the house and talking about the time. We will continue to learn all about money as we start counting pennies! We will also learn how to count by our 5's and 10's.

Leadership: This month our theme is "responsibility". We will discuss ways to be responsible at home and at school.


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