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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekly News: April 4

It's going to be another fun and exciting week in kindergarten!

This Saturday, April 9th ILCS PTO is having their "Marketplace Event" at the Bryant Campus. Money raised will go towards our ILCS Relay for Life Team. During the Relay for Life Event on April 30th there is a special ceremony called the "Luminaria Ceremony". At this time the lights on the track are turned off and special made bags with a candle inside are lit in memory of those who have battled Cancer. These bags can be purchased for $5.00. Our kindergarten families are going to run a "Luminaria" booth at the Marketplace on Saturday. We will have bags for sale and stations for kids and families to decorate their bags. 100% of the proceeds will go towards the American Cancer Society. Every bag that is decorated at our booth will be taken to the event and displayed during the Luminaria Ceremony. We are asking for donations in the form of craft supplies, stickers, glitter, markers, etc. for decorating the bags. If you are able to donate, please bring these supplies to class. Also, keep an eye out for the sign-up sheet for help running the Luminaria Booth on Saturday. This is a wonderful opportunity for the kids to learn about service. If you have any questions, please see Miss Michele :)

Our "I Can Spell" Center is starting this week. This is just a fun center that we will do a few times a week - the spelling words will NOT take the place of our weekly sight words. Students may come home with a small list of spelling words - these are the words they are studying for the center. Please keep working with children on the master spelling list we sent home - this is great preparation for first grade!

Last week, we started "Fun Friday". This is an extra recess free-time outside for students who finished ALL of their weekly classwork. Students have EVERY DAY during math time and center time to work on classwork and those who finish will be rewarded with Fun Friday. Students that do not finish their work will stay in the classroom. Fun Friday is great motivation for students to make better use of their time in the classroom - this is ALSO preparing them for independent working in the first grade!

Keep working on those community service projects! Projects and presentations due the week of May 23rd.

What Are We Learning This Week??:

We are learning all about tadpoles this week! We are reading and writing about tadpoles and we even have two new class pets to study - TADPOLES!! In Math we will begin learning about fact families and continue differentiating between addition and subtraction problems.


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