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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly News: January 31

Family Fun Bingo Night this Friday at 5:00 at the Middle School Campus! Get your tickets this week!

We are excited about our upcoming field trip to the theatre on Wednesday, February 23rd. Please send your $10 donation in your child's GO Folder. This will cover the cost of the ticket and bus ride. Thank you! 

Read for Magic Mountain Tickets! Six Flags Magic Mountain is offering free tickets to students who read 6 hours before February 28, 2011.  Please see the Inland Leaders Website to download the student reading log and parent letter.

A Look Ahead: NO SCHOOL Monday, February 14th and February 21st due to President's Day and March 14 through March 25 due to Spring Break. 

Community Service Project: Every student at Inland Leaders is required to participate in a Community Service Project of his or her choosing. The requirement for kindergarten students consists of 6 hours of service. Projects in the past have included: collecting food and clothing for homeless shelters, collecting and donating to various organizations and charities, volunteering at senior citizen homes, animal shelters, and the humane society. Each child is then required to present their project in class. Presentations in the past have included: posterboards, journals, slideshows, books, and pictures documenting the project from start to finish. This is a great way to serve the community as a family. Completed projects will be due and presentations will take place after Spring break. 

What Are We Learning This Week??:


Letter Team: QU (we are learning that QU are married because they are always together!) and WR (the W is silent!).

Leadership Theme of the Month: PATIENCE. We are learning that patience is waiting our turn without interrupting and not complaining if we don't get our way. We will be practicing being patient in and out of the classroom.

Reading: We are learning all about QUESTIONING this month. We will learn that good readers ask questions before, during, and after reading. Asking questions will help us understand the story and understand ourselves as readers. We will also learn various ways to find answers to the reading questions we have. Please read the newest "Parent School" Newsletter in your GO Folder for ways to help your child with this strategy at home. This week, we will read books about Groundhog's Day and our poem of the week, “Mr. Groundhog”.

Writing: We will continue working on making three or more SEPARATE sentences on ONE topic. We have been thinking of topics in our brain then counting our sentences on our fingers before we begin writing. Please practice this 3-sentence-writing with your child at home. It will help students to realize when one sentence ends and when another begins.

Math: Our new math curriculum is off to a great start. While I am meeting with differentiated math groups, students are learning to work independently on various worksheets at their desks. We are starting to learn how to subtract and how that is different than addition. Some of us are getting tricked by the signs, so please help your child to remember to look at the sign and tell you if they are supposed to add + or subtract -. We are also learning the words that will be a clue to our brains to add or subtract. For example, the words "flew away" in a story will mean I need to subtract, while the words "more came" tell me to add. 


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