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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly News: January 24

FRIDAY IS OUR 100TH DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!! We will be celebrating with 100th Day Center on Friday. If you are able to donate your time or any items, please see the sign-up sheet on the classroom door. We will also be making a fun 100 Days in School picture collage. If you have any pictures from our first 100 days of school that you would like to share, please send them to school. The students will have a special 100th Day of School Sharing and Snack. If you did not receive the special note sent home on Friday about our 100th day, please read here for information....

100th Day  Note                                                            

Thank you for your Scholastic Book Orders!! I submitted the orders on Friday so you will be receiving your books soon! :) 

HELP OUR CLASS WIN! This month, we are having a tardy competition in which the class with the fewest percentage of tardies among our three school sites will receive $500 in classroom supplies of their choice!!! Each student will also be rewarded for each day he/she is "punctual" and on time to school!

Please help ILCS, in partnership with coatsforarms.com, to distribute coats to the children in need this winter. Each school site will be collecting new or gently used coats for the month of January to distribute to the local charities.

What Are We Learning This Week??:


Letter Team: ONG (like in SONG) and ONK (like in HONK).

Leadership Theme of the Month: PUNCTUALITY - We are learning that punctuality is being on time and making good use of our time. We are practicing making good use of our time in class.

Reading: This week we are reading books all about the 100th day of school!!! We will also continue to practice making connections as we read. We are practicing text to text, text to self, and text to world connections. We will also remember use our schema before, during, and after we read. We will also read our poems “100 Day Song” and "100 Day Chant".

Writing: We are working on making three SEPARATE sentences on ONE topic. We have been thinking of topics in our brain then counting our sentences on our fingers before we begin writing. For example, if my topic was DISNEYLAND, I would count my sentences... 1. I went to Disneyland on Saturday with my mom and dad. 2. We went on a lot of rides. 3. We saw the fireworks show and it was so pretty. Please practice this 3-sentence-writing with your child at home. It will help students to realize when one sentence ends and when another begins.This week, we will also meet a new friend named "Homonym Harry"!!! Homonym Harry teaches us that there are words that SOUND the same but MEAN something different - like TWO & TO and FOR & FOUR.

Math: Our new math curriculum is off to a great start. While I am meeting with differentiated math groups, students are learning to work independently on various worksheets at their desks. We are starting to learn how to subtract and how that is different than addition. Some of us are getting tricked by the signs, so please help your child to remember to look at the sign and tell you if they are supposed to add + or subtract -. We are also learning the words that will be a clue to our brains to add or subtract. For example, the words "flew away" in a story will mean I need to subtract, while the words "more came" tell me to add. 


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