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Friday, December 3, 2010

Weekly News: December 6

We had a great week back to school and we have been having so much fun getting ready for Christmas!

We have a classroom elf on the shelf that we named "Sandy". Sandy has been watching us everyday in school and reporting our behavior back to Santa!

Copy/Staple Party this Friday! Thank you in advance for all of your help!

Upcoming Events:

Monday, December 6th: Our Drama classes proudly present, "A Classic Christmas". Come support your ILCS friends (and Miss Reeve!) and see a great show! The show will take place at the Bryant St. campus church at 6:00.

Tuesday, December 7th - THIS HAS CHANGED: SANTA CRAFT WORKSHOP 12:30-3:30 open at our West Campus for kiddos to come by and make a fun Christmas craft (for a small fee per item made). If you are able to help out at this event, please contact PTO :)

Friday, December 10th - THIS HAS CHANGED: ILCS WINTER PERFORMANCE 6:00-8:00 at the Parkview Middle School Fine Arts Building (34875 Tahoe Drive, Yucaipa 92399). Our class will be singing "Jingle Bells" with the other kindergarten classes! Come watch your adorable children!! Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend, but Mrs. Stanley and Mrs. Woolcock will be there to take care of our class!

Wednesday, December 15th: SUPER SANTA SHOP for all ILCS kids to shop this year will take place 1:00-7:00 at the Bryant St. Campus!!!! Parents can bring little shoppers and enjoy a cup of coffee or cocoa while your kiddos shop with the help of the PTO elves! Don't miss this great opportunity!

Friday, December 17th: Our Kindergarten Christmas Centers & Pizza Party - more information is coming home in your GO Folder on Monday and a sign-up sheet will be posted on the classroom door on Tuesday!

What Are We Learning This Week??:


Letter Team: KN (the K is silent, like in KNOW and KNIGHT) and EW (like in NEW and STEW).

Leadership Theme of the Month: SELF-CONTROL. We will also be discussing GENEROSITY in our classroom and how we can give to others and show our generosity during the holiday season.

Reading: I hope you enjoyed your first of many "Parent Education Newsletters" about reading comprehension. The kids have learned that schema is "what we know" and we have started applying this to our reading. This week we will learn all about text-to-self connections. This week, we will also read books about the holidays, Santa, generosity, and our poem of the week, "The Gingerbread Man". We will also study landforms (like mountains, valleys, deserts, and plains) and bodies of water (like rivers, oceans, lakes, and ponds) in our reading.

Writing: Last week we made a "Writer's Checklist" - a list of things that all good writers do, such as proper punctuation, uppercases at the beginning of a sentence and name, finger spaces between each word, spelling word wall words correctly, adding details, making sure our writing makes sense, and trying our best! We will read this checklist everyday to make sure we are applying each of those skills in our writing.

Math: Last week, we began MATH TIMED TESTS. Students are timed on addition skills and move up levels at their own pace. The kids did a great job! We also learned the addition "DOUBLES" in our fun DOUBLES SONG. Please work on basic addition and doubles at home. This week, we will start reading math stories and making number sentences with the stories. For example, "Billy had three apples and Susie had five apples. How many apples did they have altogether? Answer: 3+5=8" Please try these math stories at home! We are also learning the directions RIGHT and LEFT - please reinforce this at home. 


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