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Friday, December 3, 2010

Homework: December 6

There will be NO more monthly homework calendars! Check back on the website EACH WEEK to read what we are learning and the homework for the week! Also, check out and print our NEW READING LOG on the Attachment Library page.

Every day and each week, homework should consist of:

  • Make new flashcards for the new words and letter teams. 
  • Study flashcards EVERYDAY! 
  • Read Book Bag books 3 times each everyday! 
  • RAZ-Kids Reading and quizzes - these quizzes will come back to me so I can see how you are doing!
  • Have a parent read to child, asking HOTS comprehension questions before, during, and after reading. 
  • Initial the Reading Log

  • Sharing - Write two sentences about a landform we are learning (mountain, valley, desert, plain) and a body of water (river, ocean, lake, pond). For example: Mountains are tall and made of rock. Oceans are made of salt water. Draw a picture to go with your sentence. Sharing is due any day this week.
  • Write sight words - Practice writing your sight words (challenge: write a sentence with each sight word!) Due Friday.
  • Write a story -  write a short story consisting of two-three sentences on one topic. Don't forget your details, Neat Nancy penmanship, and proper punctuation. Due Friday.
  • Take a practice spelling and dictation sentence test on Thursday to prepare for your Friday test!

  • Our new math curriculum (with a homework component) will begin sometime after Christmas. Until then, go over the SAXON MATH page in your GO Folder each day, helping your child with any concept that is difficult. 
  • Practice the following math concepts ONLY AS NEEDED:
    • Write numbers 1-30 (challenge: 1-100). Focus on number reversals!
    • Read numbers 1-30 (use number flashcards if your child is still struggling with number identification out of order).
    • Practice counting 5s and 10s.
    • Practice telling time to the hour and half hour.
    • Practice counting money (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters). 
    • Practice making patterns (AB, ABB, ABC, AAB)
    • Practice what number comes before, after, in between.
    • Practice larger than, greater than, less than, fewer than.
    • Practice days of the week and months of the year. 
    • Practice addition (story problems are great too!)
    • Practice LEFT and RIGHT - for example, ask your children to raise their right hand/left hand, draw a square in the upper left corner, draw a circle in the lower right corner, etc.

Homework due Friday. Please write your name on the Reading Log and staple that to the front of homework. Thank you!


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