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Friday, November 3, 2017

Homework: November 6-10

Flashcards: Study flashcards for our review sight words (WENT, WHEN, WHAT, WAS, WANT,) Make Flashcards for the new letter teams (GE and GI).   Study flashcards every day. 

Phonemic Awareness: Keep working with your child on skills such as blending, segmenting, rhyming, syllables, and sound switch. 

Reading: Continue to read books from your book bag. Continue to read the little paper books that come home. Continue to read TO your child every night, having conversations about the stories you are reading. Continue to log onto Smarty Ants for 10-15 at least a few times a week. 

Smarty Ants class username is: BESS and our password is: READ.

Writing: Continue to work with your child on the writing goals they need to master. While we ARE all at different writing goals, the in-class expectation is now that each child will write three or more sentences every day. Please reinforce this at home with writing homework. 

Math: Continue to work on number ID, number writing, counting to 100, counting forward and telling ONE MORE. Continue to work on shapes and shape drawing. Continue to play Dreambox for 10-15 minutes each night. 

Our school code for Dreambox is X2we/inlandlcs

QR Codes: Download and print those QR Codes each week from ParentSquare and have your child work on those at home!

Turn-In Project: WE HAVE A SPECIAL TURN IN HOMEWORK PROJECT THIS WEEK! Please create a collage of what you are thankful for. Be as creative as you want! This could be hand-drawn pictures, photographs, magazine cut-outs, coloring, etc. Anything and everything you are thankful for! Bring this project any day this week to share with the class! 


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