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Friday, October 13, 2017

Weekly News: October 16-20

This week we will read and learn all about spiders. We will explore non-fiction text and continue to discuss the difference between fact and opinion. 

It is spirit week this week! Show your school spirit by dressing up fun each day! 

Monday, Oct. 16th: Multiplicity Monday - like twin day, but match as MANY people as you can. I will be wearing jeans and my ILCS shirt if anyone wants to match with ME! :) 
Tuesday, Oct. 17th: Tropical Tuesday- Dress fun and tropical!
Wednesday, Oct. 18th: Western Wednesday- Dress like the Wild, Wild West.
Thursday, Oct. 19th: Teacher Thursday- Dress like your favorite teacher or staff member. 
Friday, Oct. 20th: Pajama Day Friday! Wear your PJs to school! 

We are looking forward to celebrating fall together with some fun activities coming up. Next Friday, October 27th, we will be investigating pumpkins by measuring and carving and counting seeds. On Tuesday, October 31st, we will be celebrating with some fun fall games and activities. Instead of Halloween costumes, we invite all students to wear their PJs on this day again! 

What Are We Learning This Week:

Sight Words: ARE, BIG, LITTLE, FOR, WAS.

Letter Team:  IGH (like in HIGH, BRIGHT, LIGHT, RIGHT) and AR (like in CAR, FAR, JAR).

Word Family:  -IG. Please help your child with word families of the week by asking them to create different words with  the word family -IG (for example: BIG, PIG, WIG, DIG). I am sending home a fun worksheet/activity that you can do at home this week!

Reading: We will read many fiction and non-fiction books about spiders and discuss facts and key details from the text. We will continue to read our paper books and books from our class library. Please remember to bring your book bag to school every day! Students keep flashcards, sounds, sight words, word family stories, and books in their book bags to practice. Unfortunately, students who do not bring their book bag back to school cannot take a book home that day. Thank you for your help in reinforcing this responsibility. 

Writing: This week, we will write non-fiction stories about what we are learning about spiders. We will each work on our individual writing goals. 

Math: We will continue our focus on our kindergarten goal of one more. Our goal is that we are able to quickly tell what number is one more without having to go back to begin counting from one to get our answer. We will also dive into some fun bat and spider math story problems, including addition and subtraction. We are learning to answer these problems using pictures, numbers (5-3=2), and words. Students will continue to work hard on their math goals. 

Leadership: For the month of October, our whole school will be focusing on the O of ROAR: Own Your Actions. We will talk about what that means and how we can own our actions at school. Our goal is to have students take ownership of their own behavior as we all strive to be leaders in our classroom and school.  


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