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Friday, September 1, 2017

Weekly News: September 3-8

I hope you enjoyed the three day weekend with your families! We are looking forward to a short, but busy week in kindergarten! There is a lot of information and I appreciate you taking the time to read. 

School picture day will be THIS Friday, September 8th! Be on the look-out for a flyer being sent home soon!  

We will begin our fun apple unit this week. We are learning about apple orchards, the life cycle of an apple, and this week we are tasting apples and writing about which apple we like the best. A sign up sheet for apple donations is on ParentSquare if you are able to donate apples for this week.

Remember to save the Date for our Parent Workshop next week on Wednesday, September 13th from 6:00-7:00. We will meet in our classroom and go over all of our kindergarten standards/goals for the year, exactly what they mean, and strategies for how you can help your child with these goals at home. 

We will begin our Fun Friday Centers THIS WEEK! Thank you to the following mommies who signed up to be our Center Helpers every Friday: 

Mrs. Chronopoulos
Mrs. Johnson 
Mrs. Goetz
Mrs. Kravtsov
Mrs. Lane and Mrs. Thorig (every other Friday swap)

We are so excited to announce that our first field trip is planned! We will be going to Los Rios Ranch in Oak Glenn on Tuesday, October 3rd. We will be leaving school by bus at approximately 8:30 in the morning and returning around dismissal at 12:30. The students will get to meet Johnny Appleseed, tour the apple orchards, and even make our very own apple cider! In order for our kindergarten classes to go on this field trip (and all future field trips this year), we are asking for donations to be made to our Dollar A Day program through the school. For this field trip, we are asking for a generous donation of $20 per student. This will help cover the cost of the apple farm, the bus, and the very special kindergarten field trip t-shirt that your child will wear on all field trips this year. Unfortunately, if our kindergarten team does not receive donations, we will not be able to go on this wonderful field trip :(  We are also looking for volunteers to join us and chaperone our field trip. The cost for chaperones is also $7.  If you are interested in chaperoning for our field trip on this day, please email me directly at jcbess@inlandleaders.com. The $7 chaperone fee needs to be paid in cash directly to your child's teacher, not through Dollar a Day. On Friday, September 22nd, we will need to give our final head count to Los Rios Ranch, so if you would like to chaperone, please email me by this date. We apologize for any inconvenience, but siblings and little ones are not allowed on this field trip due to the safety of our kindergarten students you will be chaperoning.  Also, be on the look-out for the field trip permission slip that will be coming home in your child's Take Home Folder as we get closer to our field trip. We are so excited for this excellent field trip with your children! 

Here is the link to donate on Dollar A Day: 

We will be using Dollar A Day monies for ALL field trips. Thank you so much for your support! 

What Are We Learning This Week?:

Sight Words: look, here, this

Letter Team: CH (like in "cheetos") and OO (we are learning that OO can make two sounds: OO like in "look" and OO like in "pool".)

Word Family: AM - like in yam, ram, Sam, Pam, etc. 

Reading: This week, we will begin reading books about apples and Johnny Appleseed. We will also begin an author study as we read lots of funny books by the author, Mo Willems. Students will continue to read little books in class that include sight words and letter teams. Some of these little books will come home on Friday. Please keep them inside your special home book box that you shared on the first week of school and practice reading them every day! As your child become a more fluent reader, more of these paper books will be coming home throughout the year to live with you - if they have a big star or stamp on them, that means your child has read it for me fluently and they can now keep them at home! We will continue to learn that vowels make 2 sounds - a short sound and a long sound. Ask your child to sing you the vowel songs! We are reading a new class book this week titled, "My 3D Shape Book". We will learn all about our 3D shapes as we practice reading our sight words of the week.

Writing: We just finished our first unit of writing. Your child's August journals came home on Friday. Please take a moment to read through these journals and celebrate your child's first attempts at becoming a writer! Some of us are attempting words and sentences and some of us are drawing and labeling our pictures with sounds that we hear inside our words. Every step is so exciting and worth celebrating! We are continuing to use an uppercase at the beginning of a sentence, finger spaces between our words, and a period at the end. We are also learning to use our sight words in our sentences and to listen for the sounds in all unknown words using our sound chart.

Math: This week, we are learning our 3D shapes - cone, cube, sphere, pyramid, cylinder, and rectangular prism. We will learn to describe 3D shapes by their faces and vertices. You can help at home by asking your child their shape names and attributes! We will also learn to count by ordinal numbers (first, second, third...). 

Leadership: We have been having so much fun discussing Growth Mindset and reading our new Class Promise together: 

#1: We are smart! 
#2: We can get it!
#3: We belong here! 
#4: We won't forget it!

For the month of September, our whole school will be focusing on the first R of ROAR: Respect. We will discuss ways that we can respect ourselves, others, and our school. 



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