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Friday, February 3, 2017

Homework: February 6-10

Flashcards: Don't forget to make new flashcards for each sight word and letter team. New words for this week are: EACH, PHONE, LAUGH, ALSO, YOUR and new letter team is PH. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRACTICE ALL OF YOUR OLD FLASHCARDS - ESPECIALLY THOSE YOUR CHILD IS STILL STRUGGLING WITH - ASSESSMENTS AND REPORT CARDS ARE COMING UP!!!! 

Phonemic Awareness: Please work with your child on the following Phonemic Awareness skills - rhyming, blending, segmenting, syllables, and beginning/middle/ending sounds. 

Reading: Play Smarty Ants for 10-15 minutes each night. In addition to Smarty Ants, we ask that you read your Book Bag every night. This includes: fluency passage, paper books, and library books. 

Writing: Write your friend's names on your valentines! A list came home last week of all the boys and girls in our class. Writing names on valentines is great writing practice! Also write your 3-5 sentences every day in your at-home journal. 

Math: Play Dreambox for 10-15 minutes each night. Discuss place value with your child. Ask them how many tens and ones belong in each number and have them give you the number sentence to go with that number. Example: The number 14 has one ten and four ones. 10+4=14. 

Turn-in Homework: Last week, we learned all about our national symbols, including our flag, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, the president, the bald eagle, and so on. Write three to five sentence about a national symbol that we learned about.


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