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Friday, December 2, 2016

Weekly News: December 5-9

We are FULL of information this week so please take a moment to read carefully so you don't miss out on anything! Thank you!

Next Monday, December 12th is Grandparents Day at ILCS! We invite all grandparents who are able, to join us in the Cub's Den (church sanctuary) at 8:50. The TK and kindergarten classes will be performing a few special songs. There will also be a short presentation from our school director, Mr. Gordon, and our school principal, Dr. Urrea, as well as coffee and treats. We ask that all grandparents stay in the sanctuary for the entirety of the presentation, grab a treat, then you are invited to join us in our classroom. We will do a quick craft together and grandparents will have the opportunity to see our classroom. Grandparents day for kindergarten will be over at 9:45. We hope you can attend!

We will be performing our kindergarten play, "The Tale of the Gingerbread Man" on the evening of Thursday, December 15th at 7:00. TK will have a small performance at 5:30, followed by Mrs. Marion and Mrs. Bobrink's class Gingerbread Man play, and we will be the last to perform. Because of so much going on this evening and the limited amount of parking, wask you to arrive at the Cub's Den (church sanctuary) at 6:45 to get your costume on and get ready. If you come any earlier, another class will be performing/taking pictures/etc. and we need to be respectful of their time. Please arrive at 6:45. Our rehearsals have been going well and the students are having so much fun! We hope that all parents are able to make this wonderful event! 

More information about our play: 

Parent Help for the Play: We are in need of parent helpers on the morning of Wednesday, December 14th (9:15-10:00) to help us with our "dress rehearsal". We will also need parent helpers on the morning of Thursday, December 15th (9:15-10:00) to help us with our school day performance, and will also need parents to help put on costumes for our Thursday evening performance at 6:45. If anyone is able to come help, please let us know! Thank you!

Play Costumes: We are providing all of the costumes and props for your children. A HUGE THANK YOU FOR THE PARENTS FOR HELPING TO IRON AND REPAIR OUR COSTUMES LAST WEEK! We ask that your child come to school on Thursday morning and Thursday night wearing a plain black or white shirt and black leggings or pants so that it is easier to put their costumes over their clothes :) The only costume that we do NOT provide is the narrator - we ask that the narrators please dress in "Sunday Best". 

Each year, we like to show our hard-working custodians how much we appreciated all they do for our school. Each year we ask for a $3 donation per student for a special custodian gift that will be presented to them before we break for the holidays. Please turn in your donation in an envelope marked "Custodian Gift" or bring it to the office. Thank you! 

Upcoming Events: 
Monday, December 12: Grandparent's Day
Thursday, December 15: "The Tale of the Gingerbread Man" 7:00
Friday, December 16: Christmas Centers 

If you are at the store and happen to think of us, our classroom would love: 
Christmas Stickers and Prizes/Trinkets
Treasure Box Prizes 
Black Expo Markers 

What Are We Learning This Week?:


Letter Team: INK (like in PINK, SINK) and ED (We are learning that tricky Mr. ED goes at the end of the word to tell us that something has already happened - making the word past tense. Mr. ED is tricky because sometimes he makes the "T" sound - like in LOOKED, sometimes he makes the "D" sound - like in PLAYED, and sometimes he says "ED" like in WANTED).

Reading: We are reading many books about the holidays. Students will continue to take home leveled Reading A to Z books and library books in our book bags, as well as fluency passages. Please practice reading these sheets and these books every day at home. Please remember that everything in your book bag MUST come back to school every day! 

Writing: We will continue to work on our writing goals as we strive to write three to five sentences every day. Some students will be writing topic sentences, three details, and a conclusion sentence. 

Math: Last week, we learned how to tell time to the hour and we started counting money. We will continue working on fun Christmas story problems and playing fun addition games. 

Leadership: Don't forget to ROAR everyday to keep earning those ROAR tickets! 


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