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Friday, September 23, 2016

Weekly News: September 26-30

Happy Autumn! This week we will be reading and writing all about fall. 

We are so excited about our field trip next Tuesday! Please send your child to school this day in a normal shirt (we will be throwing their brand new field trip t-shirt over their clothing) and without a snack (snack will be provided). Please keep an eye out for field trip permission slips being sent home and return them ASAP. Students will NOT BE ABLE TO GO ON THE FIELD TRIP WITHOUT A SIGNED PERMISSION SLIP :( Thank you! If you have not done so already, please do not forget to donate towards the field trip under Dollar A Day! Here is the link: Dollar A Day.  

What Are We Learning This Week?: 

Sight Words: TAKE, AN, BECAUSE, UP. 

Letter Team:  OW/OU (like in COW, FLOWER/OUCH, HOUSE) and the long OW sound (like in YELLOW SNOW).  

Word Family:  -AN. Please help your child with word families of the week by asking them to create different words with the word family -an (can, man, pan, etc.) 

Reading: This week, we will begin reading books about Autumn and leaves. We will also continue to read books by the author Mo Willems. This week, we will also learn about matter as we read a big book together about matter. We will learn that matter is anything that takes up space. In this book, we will learn that when we are reading or writing a word that begins with a vowel, we put "AN" in front of that word - for example, "an elephant" instead of "a elephant" - please reinforce this at home in writing and in speech. 

Writing: We will continue to work on our writing goals and start using "Story Starters" to help us think of topics to write about in our journal each day. 

Math: We will continue our fun unit on shapes this week as we explore that we can join shapes together to create new shapes. We will continue working with 2D flat shapes and 3D solid shapes, exploring the number of faces and the vertices of each shape. As always, we will also continue counting, identify, order, write, and count numbers to 30, learn the days of the week, months of the year, how to read and extend patterns, and identify what number comes next. 

Leadership: We will continue to discuss ways to ACT SAFELY at school and we will continue to check in on our behavior each day, making sure we are Respecting, Owning our actions, and Acting Safely. 


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