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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Weekly News: August 29-September 2

We had a wonderful second week of school together! 

Beginning of the year assessments, including letters and sounds, numbers, and phonemic awareness skills were sent home on Friday. Please take some time to review these results with your child. My goal for all students is to have 100% letter, sound, phonemic awareness, shape, and number recognition by the end of our first trimester in November.

We are ready to begin our Friday parent volunteers THIS WEEK!! We are excited to have you join our class for Fun Friday Centers!  Our center time is from 10:45-12:30. Please plan on arriving at 10:30 so that we can begin our centers right at 10:45. Our parent helpers who have volunteered include: Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Andrian, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Frisch, and Mr. Hetherington. Thank You!!!

We are also ready for our PREP MOMS on Friday morning.  Our Prep moms include Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Andrian.  Thank you!! 

The very first Scholastic Book order went out last week. If you would like to order books for your child, please visit our Book Order tab for more information on signing onto the Scholastic Website. With every order, we also get one free book for our classroom library. Place your orders by Friday, September 2nd! 

Please do not forget that while most of our homework in kindergarten is done at home, we do have "Turn-In Homework" every week. This is either a sentence to be written at home and turned in or something to bring in to share. Homework can be turned in ANY day of the week. Please check the Homework tab for the "Turn-In" topic of the week, as well as reading, writing, math, and phonemic awareness ideas. Thank you! 

Mrs. Stanley has also posted additional QR Code resource activities on ParentSquare.  These include video lessons on our sight words, letters, letter teams, word families and more.  If you haven’t already checked out these resources please take a look at them.  You may download and print the activities for your child to work on at home. 

There is no school on Monday, September 5th due to the Labor Day holiday. Enjoy the time off with your families! 

School picture day will be Friday, September 9th! Be on the look-out for a flyer coming home soon!

What Are We Learning This Week?:

Sight Words: I, like, my. 

Letters and sounds: l, k, y, x, and the long and short vowel sounds a, e, i, o, u, y (the vowel sounds e or i)

Letter Team: sh (like in "she" and "push") and er (like in "her" and "mother") - ask your child to tell you about Mr. er - he is one crazy driver!!!

Word Family: ip - like in dip, chip, rip, sip, tip, etc.

Reading: We will continue to learn that vowels make 2 sounds - a short sound and a long sound. Ask your child to sing you the vowel songs! We will continue to read big books to help us with our reading strategies. This week, we will also read many books about colors and our five senses. We will introduce non-fiction as we read Scholastic magazines each week. 

Writing: We are writing a new book together about our five senses using our sight words of the week. We are continuing to use an uppercase at the beginning of a sentence, finger spaces between our words, and a period at the end. We are also learning to use our sight words in our sentences and to listen for the sounds in all unknown words using our sound chart. You can help your child at home by using the same sound chart on the back of  your Homework Folder to help with sounding out words and writing at home.

Math: We will continue to practice number identification, number writing, days of the week, months of the year, shape names and shape attributes and counting on/"Popcorn Counting". 

Leadership: At ILCS this year, we are ROARING. The acronym ROAR stands for Respect self, others, and property, Own your actions, Act safely, and Rise to servant leadership. For the next several weeks, we will be discussing the first O in class -  OWN YOUR ACTIONS. We will talk about what that means and how we can own our actions at school. Our goal is to have students take ownership of their own behavior as we all strive to be leaders in our classroom and school. Beginning Monday your student will “check in” with themselves and teacher throughout the day on their behavior at school: if they are GREEN (I am doing a great job Roaring today!), YELLOW (I am doing well, but I think I can do even better!), RED (I will choose to change my behavior). Your child will bring their “check in” sheets home on Fridays.

Homework now includes Smarty Ants and DreamBox!  Your child also has access to Raz-kids reading for independent reading practice.



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