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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Homework: September 21-25

Flashcards: Make flashcards for our new sight words (COME, AT, SAID), letter teams (CE and CI), and word family (IN - bin, fin, win). Study these flashcards (and those from previous weeks) every day. Visit our Sight Words tab for more flashcard ideas.

Phonemic Awareness: Please work with your child on the following Phonemic Awareness skills - rhyming, blending, segmenting, syllables, and beginning/middle/ending sounds. Please see our Phonemic Awareness tab for ideas and tips. 

Reading: Play Smarty Ants for 10-15 minutes each night. Read the paper books that came home on Friday! Read to your child every day and have your child read to you every day. Find sight words and letter teams in books, in the car as you are driving - just READ, READ, READ! 

Writing: Write every day in your at-home journal. Practice writing your name with an uppercase only at the beginning. Practice writing ABC's uppercase and lowercase (Aa, Bb, Cc). Also practice writing your sight words of the week and sight word dictation sentences for our sentences test on Friday.

Math: Play Dreambox for 10-15 minutes each night. Continue to practice counting, identify numbers out of order (make number flashcards!), practice number writing, practice drawing shapes, identifying shapes, or even creating shapes out of play-dough and sticks. Keep going over those Daily Math worksheets that go home each day to see if your child needs help with a particular skill. 

Turn-In Homework: Special Sharing project this week!  Since we are learning about 3D shapes, we would like to create a 3D Shape Museum in our class from items your child brings in to share.  Please help your child locate a few items around your house that you are willing to part with for a week or two that are the 3D shapes we are learning - cube, cylinder, sphere, cone, pyramid, rectangular prism. Smaller sized items are best as we don’t want the 3D Shape Museum to overtake our classroom!  Thanks and have fun exploring these shapes at home with your child.  Your child’s sharing does not need to include a written paper this week however your child will need to share his/her 3D shapes and identify the name of each shape - so practice at home!  Here is a fun video to get you started on your 3D shape hunt: 3D Shape Video  The video contains each of the shapes we are learning about except rectangular prisms.  


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