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Friday, April 24, 2015

Weekly News: April 27-May 1


We are very excited to introduce our new class pets for the next few weeks: caterpillars! We will have the opportunity to watch their metamorphosis as they change from caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly!

Our field trip to the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert in Rancho Mirage is THIS TUESDAY! Please remember to bring a "sack" lunch - no lunch boxes please! We will not be eating our lunches until 11:15, so please make sure your child has a big and healthy breakfast. We will be leaving school at 8:15 and returning at approximately 1:15. Mark your calendars and adjust schedules for the late pick up on this day and please note that your child will be missing any electives they may have on this day. Thank you to all of the parents who have volunteered to chaperone our field trip to the Children’s Discovery Museum.  The cost for the chaperones is $5.00.  Please have exact change payable at the door on the day of the field trip. Please remember, no siblings!! Thank you!

Save The Date: We will be having a Mother's Day celebration on Friday, May 8 from 11:00-12:30. More information to come. I wanted to let you know early in case you need to take the time off work or find childcare for little ones. The School Childcare fills up quickly on this day and is on a first come first serve basis.  If you have alternative childcare this is a good day to use it.  Please understand that our classroom will be VERY CROWDED on this day!  It is a special celebration for moms and their kindergarten student.  For this reason we are unable to accommodate siblings in the classroom on this day.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.  This is SUCH a special celebration and we hope all of you mommies are able to make it!

IT'S TIME! Community Service Projects will be presented THIS WEEK! Unfortunately, we have not had ALL of our students sign up for a presentation :(  Please remember that your community service project is a required part of our curriculum at Inland Leaders, so if you have not yet signed up for a time to present, please email me or stop by to see me! If you have chosen to present at our later date (May 11-15) that is perfectly fine! 

Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, April 28th: Field Trip to the Children's Discovery Museum
Friday, May 8th: Mother’s Day Celebration
Monday, May 11 - Friday, May 15:  Community Service Projects Due
Monday, May 25th - No School

We are running out of glue sticks!!  If you are at the store and are able to pick some up to donate to our class we thank you in advance!!

What Are We Learning This Week?:

Letter Team: There are NO new letter teams! For the rest of the year, we will be reviewing all letter teams that we have learned this year. The expectation is that students recognize the letter team within our three second rule, then be able to apply that letter team when decoding an unknown word. 

We will read books about caterpillars and butterflies, as well as our poem of the week, "Pretty Butterfly".

Writing: We will have a very special writing project that we are working on this week in class.

Math: We are working on so many fun math games that are helping us with our addition, subtraction, and decomposing. 

Leadership:  Our leadership theme for the month of April is SERVICE. Our definition of Service is: to help others without getting paid for the job done.    I am excited to see how our kindergarten friends have shown service through their community service projects!


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