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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekly News: September 16-20


We had so much fun tasting apples on Friday. After looking at our class graph, green was our most-liked apple because it was sour :) This Friday, we will be making little apple pie bites as we continue our study on apples. Be on the look out for the sign up if you are able to donate items for this fun day! 

Thank you so much for all of your Scholastic Book Orders! I placed the order over the weekend so in a few weeks, your new books will be delivered to our classroom! Thank you for ordering online - with every order you place online, we get a free book for our classroom so this significantly helps me add to our classroom library. Our next Scholastic Book Order will be in December, just in time for Christmas shopping :) 

We will begin our Parent Volunteers next week. If you signed up to volunteer in the classroom, I sent home a schedule with your day and time last week. Thank you so much for volunteering and supporting our students in the classroom. 

We are so excited about our field trip next Tuesday! We will be leaving school in the morning and returning just before dismissal. Please send your child to school this day in a normal shirt (we will be throwing their field trip t-shirt over their clothing!) and without a snack (snack will be provided for them!) We gave our head count to Los Rios Ranch after school on Friday. Thank you to the parents who volunteered to chaperone! PLEASE TURN IN YOUR FIELD TRIP PERMISSION SLIPS!!!! STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO ON THE FIELD TRIP WITHOUT A SIGNED PERMISSION SLIP! Thank you! 

Please do not forget to donate towards the field trip under Dollar A Day! The link to Dollar A Day is now located on our side tab to the right under "School Links". We will be using Dollar A Day monies for ALL field trips. 

Don't forget to check out: 
Our Photo Share Site: I am so excited about this! I will update from time to time on this photo share site with fun pictures that I take of us learning in the classroom. If you become a member, you can also add pictures that you may take - of various events, field trips, and class parties. My hope is that this will be a place for all of us to share pictures that we take throughout our wonderful year of kindergarten! The link to our share site is under "Class Links" - or you can just click the "Class Pictures" tab at the top of our site so you can always get to it easily. I have already uploaded pictures from our first few weeks of school. Have fun browsing! 

RAZ-Kids: Raz-Kids is our awesome Online Reading program. This is a great website where your children can listen to and read books at their level. With each book, you can also take comprehension quizzes and earn points! With those points, you can play fun games online. All of the information (how much time spent online, books read, and quizzes taken) comes back to me so I can check on your reading at home. There might even be prizes for the best readers! The Reading A-Z website link is found on the side of our website under "Class Links" Our teacher username is mrsbess (no spaces) - then just click on your name and begin reading! 

We Give Books: We Give Books is a new digital initiative that enables anyone with access to the Internet to put books in the hands of children who don't have them, simply by reading online.  My Goal is for the students in our class to read 100 books each month.  We will be reading the “We Give Books” online in class and I encourage each student and family to read at least one additional book at home each week.  Of course more than one a week is even better.  Let’s work together to meet, or even surpass, the 100 book a month mark! You can access the We Give Website at the following link: We Give Books. Our class username is: ILCS_Kinder_Bess and the password is: leaders. Happy Reading!!

What Are We Learning This Week?:

Sight Words: YOU, AND, IT FRIEND. 

Letter Team: 
WH (like in what and whistle).

Word Family: AT - like in bat, cat, rat, sat, fat, etc. 

We will continue to read books about apples and Johnny Appleseed and continue to read books about colors as we learn our color words. 

We are writing a big book together about the life cycle of an apple using sight words we have learned so far. We will be studying how an apple grows, from seed to tree to blossom to apple. We will continue learning to put spaces between each word, use an uppercase at the beginning of each sentence with lowercase letters throughout, and use a period at the end. We will continue to use our sight words in our sentences and use our sound chart to help us sound out the words we do not know how to write.

This week, we will learn how to tell time to the hour. We will learn that when the "big hand points up, it means o'clock"Please reinforce this at home by looking at clocks around the house and talking about the time. We will continue to learn all about money as we start counting pennies! We will also learn how to count by our 5's and 10's.

Leadership: T
his month, our theme is "diligence". This is a big word for kindergartners. We are teaching that diligence is putting all of our effort, energy, and concentration into getting a job done. We will discuss ways to be diligent at home and at school. 


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