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Friday, August 23, 2013

Homework: August 26-30

Flashcards: Please make flashcards for our new sight words (IS THE ME OR) and letter team (TH). Study these flashcards every day. Have your child read the word, spell the word, read the word. Please see the Sight Word tab for more flashcard ideas. We will have a spelling and dictation test on our sight words every Friday! A dictation test means we will be asking your child to dictate a sentence using the sight words of the week. We will not only be looking for the words to be spelled correctly, but also for an uppercase at the beginning, spaces between words, and a period at the end. An example of a dictation sentence may be "We can see a dog." It may be a good idea to have a practice test with your child on Thursday night! 

Reading: Read to your child every day.

Math: Practice counting 1-30 or higher, identify numbers out of order (make number flashcards!), number writing practice, and practice drawing shapes. Refer to your number writing assessment for numbers that your child has difficulty writing.

Writing: Write everyday! Practice writing your name with an uppercase only at the beginning. Practice writing ABC's uppercase and lowercase (Aa, Bb, Cc). Also practice writing your sight words of the week and sight word dictation sentences for our spelling test on Friday.

Sharing: You should have received a flyer about making a Kindergarten Book Box in your child's folder. This book box will be used to store his/her little books that we will be making throughout the year. You may use a cardboard shoe-box or plastic container. Your child may choose to paint his/her box, cover it with colored paper, wallpaper, fabric, etc. Some ideas might be to use sequins, beads, stones, gems, stickers, foam letters, and so on. Please feel free to assist your child and use your imagination to decorate! These boxes will be shared in class throughout the week. Please send these boxes to school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of this week - then they will be returned that day to live at home with you. Thank you for your support and have fun making those boxes!!


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