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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekly News: November 26-30


Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving week off with your families! The picture above is where I got to spend my Thanksgiving in Tennessee - beautiful! I am so excited to be back at school and there is a LOT going on in these four weeks before Christmas, so please take a moment to read....

After my latest assessments, I have moved around a few students for reading groups. This week, if your child is bringing home a book that has been previously read, please know that I am focusing on fluency with your child.

Our Scholastic Book Fair is taking place this week on our campus!! It will be open Monday-Friday 11:30-1:30 on our campus and 1:00-3:00 on CSC. Stop by either campus and visit this wonderful event! Perfect time for holiday shopping! 

On Friday, December 14th from 3-6 at CSC, we have our ILCS School Holiday Craft Fair! Our amazing room mom will be making Christmas Pretzels and necklaces. If you would like to help, we are asking for donations of large pretzel rods, candy melts, Christmas sprinkles, and $2. If you are able, you may bring this to school at any time! Thank you!

Our Online Reading program, RAZ-KIDS is up and running! This is a great website where your children can listen to and read books at their level - the same books being sent home in their book bags each week! With each book, you can also take comprehension quizzes and earn points! With those points, you can play fun games online. All of the information (how much time spent online, books read, and quizzes taken) comes back to me so I can check on your reading at home. There might even be prizes for the best readers! The Reading A-Z website link is found on the side of our website under Class Sites and the teacher username is missreeve (no spaces!)  Have fun reading online!!!

Upcoming Events:  
Monday-Friday, November 26-30: Scholastic Book Fair 
Friday, December 14: Holiday Craft Fair 
Wednesday, December 19: School Holiday Performance - more info to come
Thursday, December 20: Gingerbread Man play AND Christmas Centers - more info to come 

If you are at the store and happen to think of us, we'd love.... 
Canon Printer Ink #210 and #211
Staples Heavy Duty Sheet protectors 
Christmas Treasure Box prizes and stickers 

What Are We Learning This Week?:


Letter Team: 
GE/GI (the soft sound of G which sounds like J, like in GENIE and GIRAFFE) and OUGH (makes the sound OO like in THROUGH and UFF like in TOUGH). 

In the 1st trimester, we learned many strategies to help us with our decoding and reading. Now we will begin discussing the way our reading makes us think. We will study and learn about SCHEMA and MAKING CONNECTIONS. Check your child's Homework Folder sometime this week for a special Parent Newsletter all about this new study! This week, we will begin reading books about the holidays and the gingerbread man. We will make text-to-text connections and we will compare various gingerbread man stories. 

Writing:  We have been discussing ways to make our writing more interesting by adding detail sentences that are on the same topic. Instead of writing, "I like my friend." everyday, we now want to ADD to that writing. For example, "I like my friend. We sit at the green table together. We love to play tag at recess."   

This week, we will begin MATH TIMED TESTS. Students will be timed on addition skills and move up levels at their own pace. We are also learning the addition "DOUBLES" in our fun DOUBLES SONG.  

Leadership: We will continue talking about ways that we can show gratefulness during the holiday season. 


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