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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weekly News: October 8-12


Our field trip is this Tuesday! We will be leaving school right away and returning by dismissal. Remember to send your child to school in a normal t-shirt so we can throw their field trip t-shirt over their clothing. Snack will be provided. 

Scholastic Book Orders are due Friday! Remember that if you ordered last month, you have your $5.00 coupon!! :) 

Does anyone have a cool, black leather jacket that we can borrow early this week for a fun project?? This could be any size. Please see me if you do! I appreciate it!

What Are We Learning This Week?:

Sight Words: HE, SHE, WENT, TO, PLAY.

Letter Team: 
AY (like in PLAY, DAY) and ING (like in SING, RING).

Word Family: 
-AY and -AM. Please help your child with word families of the week by asking them to create different words with  the word family -ay (for example: BAY, DAY, SAY, MAY, HAY) and -am (SAM, HAM, RAM, SLAM).

This week, we will focus on a new strategy, "Look for a letter team inside the word" (Please see Reading Strategies Tab). We are starting an author study unit on Laura Numeroff, author of the "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" series. 

This week we will write a big book together about playing. This big book will be written using the sight words we have learned so far. 

 This week we will learn "more than and less than", simple addition with dice, and focus on counting by tens.  We will continue counting by tens, counting money and telling time to the hour, learning how to identify, order, and count numbers to 30 and write numbers to 10, learning the days of the week, months of the year, shapes, how to read and extend patterns, and identify what number comes next.  

Our new leadership theme for the month of October is TEAMWORK. We learned that teamwork is working together to get a job done. 


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