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Friday, September 14, 2012

Homework: September 17-21

Flashcards: Make flashcards for our new sight words (YOU, AND, IT, FRIEND) and letter team (WH). Study all flashcards every day.
Reading: Read, read, read! Read books that have come home, read books from your book box, and read to your child!

Math: Practice counting 1-30 or higher, identify numbers out of order, study number flashcards, number writing practice, sort items by color and size, practice drawing shapes, sort and count coins at home, start discussing time to the hour.

Writing: Practice writing sentences with your child. Give your child a sentence to write with sight words in it and help him or her to start with an uppercase, use fingerspaces, sound out words we do not know how to spell, and end with a period. {Examples: Look at this dog. We can see a rat. I like the book.} This will really help with our journal writing and our dictation test on Fridays. 

Sharing: Write one sentence about the life cycle of an apple (from seed to tree to blossom to apple). Draw a picture to go with your sentence. Make sure you practice reading your sentence at home so you are prepared to read in front of the class. Sharing is due any day this week.


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