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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Last Weekly News!!!!

We have had so much fun this past last week! The kids have been playing fun games, reading our favorite books, working on fun projects, and helping Miss Reeve clean up the classroom!!! :) We read through all of our old writing tests and the kids were AMAZED at how much they have grown in writing! We even visit a first grade class on Thursday and learned all about what first grade will be like! I'm sure you have noticed everything coming home this past week - please take a moment to look through how much your child has grown! Also, thank you to the Dads that were able to join us on Friday! We had a great morning with you!

Only 3 more days left!!! Here is what we'll be doing!!! 

Monday, June 11th: We are having a fun and relaxing day in the classroom. Come in your PJs and bring your favorite book and your favorite board game. We will have fun reading and playing all day!

Tuesday, June 12th: We are having a school FIELD DAY with all of kindergarten, first grade, and even our TK friends! Our class is in charge of the THREE-LEGGED RACE :) Please come join us at 9:00 on this day! We still need parent volunteers to help run our booth and join our class in the fun field day rotations! Just stop by and have fun with us! Make sure you wear a lot of sunscreen and clothes that you can get wet!!

Wednesday, June 13th: We will have a very special last day of school KINDERGARTEN CLASSROOM CELEBRATION on this day. We invite you to join us at 10:30 as we read our last book together as a class, look through our memory books, and watch our "Kindergarten Movie". We also have a special song prepared for you!

It has been a wonderful year! I have enjoyed having each and every one of you in kindergarten and I will miss you SO MUCH! Have a wonderful summer and please stop by and visit when you are big FIRST GRADERS!!!!!!!!!!


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