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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Homework: January 9-12

Flashcards: Don't forget to make new flashcards for each sight word and letter team. New words for this week are: OF, BACK, PLEASE, SAY, SAYS and new letter team is CK.
Reading: READ your books in your book bag, READ your fluency THREE TIMES EVERY NIGHT, READ those old books in your book box, and READ online at RAZ KIDS!!!!!

Math: We are done with Kindergarten (Saxon) Math and focusing on our 1st Grade (Excel) Math. These are those long math sheets you have seen coming home. For math homework, please correct the circled problems on the Excel Math from each day. Please also continue to reinforce ALL concepts at home that we have learned in class! You DO NOT need to turn these in.. they are simply for you to go over with your child to reinforce concepts they might not be understanding. NOTE: NUMBERS THAT ARE REVERSED ARE NOW BEING GRADED AS INCORRECT... WE ARE WORKING ON WRITING ALL NUMBERS CORRECTLY.

Writing: WRITE EVERYDAY! Write your sight words, write your sight words in a sentence, write your sight words in alphabetical order, write a story from your life. Just keep WRITING, WRITING, WRITING.

Sharing: For our leadership this month, we are working on DETERMINATION. With that, we will be making goals for ourselves and using determination to reach them. For sharing this week, please write TWO goals for yourself - one goal for school and one goal for home (example: I will memorize all my sight words this trimester. I will make my bed everyday.) Draw a picture to go with your sentences.THERE ARE MANY STUDENTS NOT TURNING IN SHARING. THIS IS THE ONLY HOMEWORK WE ASK THAT YOU TURN IN. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT IT IS PART OF YOUR HOMEWORK GRADE ON REPORT CARDS.


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