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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Homework: September 20

Homework Calendar Activities: Please initial the weekly homework log and turn in any written work completed by your child ON FRIDAY! A note on activities: activities on the homework calendar are SUGGESTED, but not required. If your child is still struggling with letter ID and sounds, I would rather you spend the time working on those things. Thank you!

Flashcards: Study sight word and letter team flashcards DAILY! New words this week are: COME, AT, SAID and the new letter team is CE/CI. Please see the Sight Word tab for flashcard ideas. Sight Word Quiz and Spelling Test on Friday!

Have Your Child Read To You: Please have your child read the books from their book box AND the books from their book bag every night! If they are struggling with a word, guide them to our reading strategies: Look at the picture, Get your mouth ready for the first sound, Make your finger match the word, Look through the word at all the sounds, Go back and get a running start. 

Read To Your Child: Please read to your child each night for at least 10 minutes and initial the weekly homework log.

Sharing: Write one sentence about a state of California symbol (some examples include the state flag, state flower - poppy, state animal - bear, state bird - quail). Draw a picture to go with your sentence. Make sure your practice reading your sentence at home so you are prepared to read in front of the class. Sharing is due any day this week.

Please remember to turn in the Weekly Homework Log on Friday with the written work your child has completed for the week. Please make sure your child's name is written on the Weekly Homework Log and if you could staple all of the work together (Weekly Homework Log on top), that would be a huge help! Thank you!


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