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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Weekly News: September 16-20

We had so much fun making apple pies! Thank you for all of your donations and a special thank you to all of our fabulous parent helpers
for ALL of your help making our pies! Be sure to check out our apple pie pictures on ParentSquare. This week we will finish our unit on apples by making applesauce together! YAY!

We will begin Book Bags this week.  Please watch our Friday ParentSquare video and read our Homework post for more information on these Book Bags. Please make sure you are reading these every night and returning bags to school every day. 

Our field trip is THIS WEDNESDAY! On Wednesday, come to school wearing your ILCS shirt (or any other blue shirt) and some good walking shoes. You do not need to bring folders, book bags, or lunch boxes this day (unless you are staying for electives). We will board the bus around 8:45 and return to school in time for dismissal and electives. Don't forget to return your permission slip and donate on Dollar A Day. We are so excited about our first field trip together! 

What Are We Learning This Week?:

Sight Words: COME, AT, SAID.

Letter Team: CE/CI (we are learning that the letter C can make a soft sound when it is followed by an E or I like in "cent" and "city").  

Word Family: -IN. Please help your child with word families of the week by asking them to create different words with the word family -in (bin, fin, tin, etc.) 

Reading: This week we will learn what "quotations" are. We will read a big book together every day about our silly monster friends and use "quotations" when they say something. We will continue to read books about apples and Johnny Appleseed. Students will continue to read little books in class that include sight words and letter teams. Please keep practicing them at home! We will also begin Book Bags this week. Please see the Homework tab for more information. 

Writing: We are working hard on our writing goals that we have learned so far: drawing detailed pictures, using our sound chart to help us sound out words, finger spaces, punctuation, neat penmanship, and uppercase at the beginning. Please continue to work with your child on writing every night, reinforcing these strategies at home. 

Math: This week, we are working on Ways to Make Five. We will learn that five can be a 2 and a 3, five can be a 1 and a 4, and five can be a 0 and a 5. 

Leadership: For the month of September, our whole school will be focusing on the first R of ROAR: Respect. We will discuss ways that we can respect ourselves, others, and our school. 



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