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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Weekly News: April 22-26

We had so much fun celebrating Easter together. Check out some pictures on ParentSquare. On Monday, we will have a fun Earth Day celebration with fun Earth Day centers. We will also perform our Earth Day skits to our friends in class.  

We are very excited to introduce our new class pets for the next few weeks: caterpillars! We will have the opportunity to watch their metamorphosis as they change from caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly!

Save The Date: We will be having a very special Mother's Day celebration on Friday, May 10th from 11:00-12:45. More information to come. I wanted to let you know early in case you need to take the time off work or find childcare for little ones. The school childcare fills up quickly on this day and is on a first come first serve basis.  I encourage you to find childcare for your little ones since this is a special celebration for mommies and their kindergarten student.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.  This is SUCH a special celebration and we hope all of you mommies are able to make it!

Our due date is quickly approaching for those Community Service projects. TWO MORE WEEKS! These will be due the first week of May - They will need to be turned in before May 10th to qualify for the Leadership Banquet. Please spend the next two weeks finishing up your projects and working with your child on his or her presentation. Each child will present their project in front of the class the week of May 6-10. Please see our Community Service Tab for more information and feel free to email me if you have any questions. 

Upcoming Events:
Monday, April 22: Earth Day Centers 
Friday, May 10: Mother's Day Celebration 
Monday, May 27: NO SCHOOL 
Wednesday, June 5: Last Day of Kindergarten Celebration 

What Are We Learning This Week?:


Letter Team:  There are NO new letter teams! For the rest of the year, we will be reviewing all letter teams that we have learned this year. The expectation is that students recognize the letter team within our three second rule, then be able to apply that letter team when decoding an unknown word

Reading: We will read books about caterpillars and butterflies as we study their life cycle. 

Writing: We are working on using thinking maps to help us with our writing. This week, we will make a FLOW MAP of the life cycle of a butterfly. We will use pictures and flow map to help us write each detail of the life cycle. 

Math: We are working hard on decomposing, composing, addition, and subtraction through many fun math games! Please continue to reinforce these skills at home. 

Leadership: We will continue to ROAR and discuss what it means to have a growth mindset! 


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