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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Weekly News: February 4-8

Mark your calendars for two three-day weekends coming up in a row, as there is no school next Monday, February 11th and no school on Monday, February 18th. 

We will be celebrating Valentine's Day together with some fun themed centers on Valentine's Day. If your child would like to make valentines for the class, a list of boys and girls names was sent home last week. This is great writing practice for your child. Please check the sign-up on ParentSquare if you would like to donate towards our fun Valentine's Day centers or volunteer on this day.

Upcoming Events:  
Monday, February 11: NO SCHOOL 
Thursday, February 14: Valentine's Day Centers 
Monday, February 18: NO SCHOOL
February 25-March 1: Read Across America Week 
Friday, March 1: Dr. Seuss Day 
Friday, March 15: St. Patrick's Day Centers 
March 18-March 29: SPRING BREAK! 

If you are at the store and think of us, our class needs:
Baby Wipes 

Items for our Class Store 
Valentine Stickers 

What Are We Learning This Week?:


Letter Team:  PH (makes the "F" sound like in PHONE and GRAPH).

This week we will continue reading books all about our country. We will be learning all about our American symbols (flag, liberty bell, bald eagle, White House, Mount Rushmore, etc.) We will learn the meaning behind the words of the Pledge of Allegiance. There is a note coming home on Monday with the words and the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance. Please go over this with your child and discuss the meaning, as we will be doing the same in class. 

Writing:  We will continue practicing writing a Step Up to Writing paragraph with a topic sentence, three things about that topic, and a conclusion sentence. Students will be making personal February writing goals with me. 

Math: This week, we will focus hard on place value (tens and ones). My goal for students is that they can tell me what digit is in the tens place and the ones place, as well as give a number sentence to match. (Example: The number 19 - the one is in the tens place, the nine is in the ones place, which means there is one TEN and nine ONES and 10+9=19.)

Leadership: We will continue to ROAR and discuss what it means to have a growth mindset!


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