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Friday, January 4, 2019

Homework: January 8-11

Flashcards: Make flashcards for our new sight words (OF, BACK, SAY, SAYS, PLEASE), and letter team (CK). Study flashcards every day.

Phonemic Awareness: Please work with your child on: rhyming, blending, segmenting, syllables, and beginning/middle/ending sounds. 

Reading: Read the Reading A-Z books from your book bag. Read the library book in your book bag. Read your new fluency passage from your book bag. Continue to read the little paper books from your at-home book box. Continue to read TO your child every night, having conversations about the stories you are reading. Continue to log onto Smarty Ants for 10-15 at least a few times a week. 

Writing: Write in your at-home journal every day. Continue to work with your child on the writing goals they need to master. While we ARE all at different writing goals, the in-class expectation is now that each child will write three or more sentences every day. Please reinforce this at home with writing homework.

Math: Continue to work on number ID, number writing, counting to 100, and counting forward. Work with your child on addition and subtraction. You will start to see these tests come home: adding +0, one more, one less, and facts within five. Go over these tests and work on areas where your child may need support. We will begin our Measurement and Data Unit. Measurement and Data in kindergarten is a fancy way of saying measuring, sorting, and graphing. See the picture below to go over our goals for this math unit. We will be learning height, weight, length, width, capacity. You can help your child at home by using Measurement Vocabulary and encourage them to use these words to describe everyday objects. (I can measure my weight with a scale, this cup measures capacity, the height of the chair is 4 books tall, the spoon is shorter than the knife, I can measure a book’s height, weight, and length, etc) You can also help your child at home by asking him or her to sort objects (shapes, colors, utensils, coins, or other every day objects laying around the house). Keep going over those Daily Math worksheets that go home each day to see if your child needs help with a particular skill.

QR Codes: Download and print the QR Code practice pages on ParentSquare. Work on these pages together. 


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