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Friday, October 7, 2016

Weekly News: October 10-14

This week we will read and learn all about bats. We will explore non-fiction text and discuss the difference between fact and opinion. 

We had so much fun on our field trip to Los Rios. Thank you for all of your donations to Dollar a Day to make this possible for us and for all of out parent chaperones. Make sure you check out our pictures on the ParentSquare post.  

We are more than half way through our first trimester! I have been assessing the students on foundational skills, writing, counting and cardinality, and geometry. On Friday, your child came home with their "Goal Sheets" for Counting and Cardinality and Geometry. Highlighted are your child's current goals that we are working on in class. Please reinforce these at home and work with your child on these skills. Of course, we have not learned everything there is to learn yet, but I wanted you to be aware of your child's progress so far. Students have been working so hard and I am so proud of how much we have grown so far since the beginning of the year! Just a heads up - we will have our first trimester parent conferences the week of November 14th. Sign ups for these conferences will come out near the end of October via ParentSquare. 

THIS WEEK IS SPIRIT WEEK!!!! Show your school spirit by dressing up every day!

Monday, Oct. 10: Mis-Match Day (dress in clothes all mixed up and not matching! How fun!)
Tuesday, Oct. 11: Twin Day (in kindergarten, we like to wear our ILCS school shirts so that we can ALL be twins and no one is left out!)
Wednesday, Oct. 12: Superhero Day (dress as your favorite superhero)
Thursday, Oct. 13: Sports Day (dress as your favorite sports team or sport)
Friday, Oct. 14: Dress as your favorite movie character! :) 

What Are We Learning This Week?: 

Sight Words: WHEN, HAVE, BE, AM, WHAT.

Letter Team:  AW/AU (like in SAW/SAUCE). We will also review the letter team OO, remembering that it makes two sounds (like in LOOK and in BOO). 

Word Family:  -OT. Please help your child with word families of the week by asking them to create different words with  the word family -OT (for example: COT, JOT, ROT, SPOT). 

Reading: This week, we will read many non-fiction books about bats and spiders. Students will continue to take home book bags for nightly reading practice. Since book bags are considered daily homework, it is crucial that they are brought back to school every day. 

Writing: This  week we will write non-fiction stories about what we are learning about bats. We will continue to use an uppercase at the beginning of a sentence, finger spaces after each word, and a period at the end. Please keep working with your child on their specific writing goals from their goal sheet that came home last week. 

Math: This week we will focus on our kindergarten goal of one more and one less. Our goal is that we are able to quickly tell what number is one more or one less without having to go back to begin counting from one to get our answer. 

Leadership: This week, we will continue discussing the last letter of our leadership, ROAR: R - RISE TO SERVANT LEADERSHIP. Last week, we discussed that part of being a servant leader is doing something for others without expecting anything in return. Part of rising to servant leadership this year will be our community service projects. Every student will be responsible for 6-8 hours of community service this year and their projects will be due in May. We are recommending that you not wait until March or April to do these community service projects and hours, but start thinking about it now. In fact, a homework assignment coming up in November will be to write down and turn in your plan for your community service. I wanted to give you a heads up so that you can start thinking about this now as a family.


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