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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Homework: January 11-15

Flashcards: Make flashcards for our new sight words (OF, BACK, SAY, SAYS, PLEASE), and letter team (CK). Study flashcards every day.

Phonemic Awareness: Please work with your child on the following Phonemic Awareness skills - rhyming, blending, segmenting, syllables, and beginning/middle/ending sounds. Please check your child's report card from first trimester and see the Foundational Skills areas where they may still need support. 

Reading: Play Smarty Ants for 10-15 minutes each night. In addition to Smarty Ants, we ask that you read your Book Bag every night. This includes: sight words, fluency passage, paper book, and library book. 

Writing: Write three sentences every day in your at-home journal. 

Math: Play Dreambox for 10-15 minutes each night. Be on the look out for a half sheet of paper coming home with your child's math goal and please work on this math goal with your child every day! 

Turn-In Homework: Please write THREE SENTENCES about something that you can measure. Make sure you tell me what you measured and the attribute (length, height, width, capacity, weight). Draw a picture to go with your sentences.


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