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Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekly News: March 31-April 3


Welcome back and happy spring! I hope you all had a wonderful spring break and enjoyed the time off with your families! I am going to be taking some extra Family Leave time with little Jackson these next two weeks, but I can't wait to see you all back at school on Tuesday, April 14th! Mrs. Beaucaire will be our substitute and I'm sure you will all have a fantastic time together!

Third trimester electives and Success Academy will begin this week on Tuesday, March 31st.

Our field trip to the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert in Rancho Mirage is coming up on Tuesday, April 28th and it is sure to be an exciting “hands on” experience.  We will be leaving school at 8:15 and returning at approximately 1:15. Mark your calendars and adjust schedules for the late pick up on this day and please note that your child will be missing any electives they may have on this day. Permission slips will be sent home in the next week or so.  We will be eating our “sack” lunches at the museum following the tour. On this day, please pack your child a lunch in a paper bag.  No lunch boxes please. If you are interested in being a chaperone please let Mrs. Bess know BY FRIDAY APRIL 10TH VIA EMAIL (jcbess@inlandleaders.com), as we need to give a final head count! Chaperones will be riding on the bus with our classes and need to pay a small fee at the Museum (Approximately $4.00) Please remember that school policy states NO SIBLINGS. Thanks! We are looking forward to a wonderful field trip!

Upcoming Events:  
Monday, March 30th:  NO SCHOOL
Tuesday, March 31st:  Electives/Success Academy begins
Friday, April 3rd: Easter Centers 
Monday, April 20th: NO SCHOOL
Saturday, April 20th: ILF Golf Tournament
Tuesday, April 28th: Field Trip to the Children's Discovery Museum

If you are at the store and happen to think of us, we'd love.... 
Push Pins 
Even more gluesticks! :)
Gallon Ziploc Bags
Any sort of small {or big} prizes for our class store

What Are We Learning This Week?:


Letter Team: 
DGE (sounding like "j" like in BADGE, LEDGE, and FRIDGE).

This week, we will read books many books about spring, spring animals, and Easter.

Writing: We will have fun writing fictional spring stories and step up to writing stories about things that we are learning about spring.

This week, we will begin a new math unit focusing on addition and subtraction. We will discuss various strategies for solving problems, think through addition and subtraction word problems, and play fun addition and subtraction games.  We will also review flat and solid shapes.

Leadership: Our leadership theme for the month of April is SERVICE. Our definition of Service is: to help others without getting paid for the job done.    I am excited to see how our kindergarten friends have shown service through their community service projects!


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