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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekly News: January 26-30

On FRIDAY, WE ARE CELEBRATING OUR 100TH DAY OF SCHOOL! We will be celebrating the 100th day with special 100th day Fun Friday Centers!  

We are asking that each student bring a snack item to be shared with the class ANY DAY THIS WEEK!!  Some examples include:  a box of goldfish crackers, large bag of gummy bears, large bag of skittles, box of cheerios, large bag of mini Oreos, etc.  The students will be sharing the snacks with their classmates to make “100 Day Hash” in celebration of  our 100th day!! 

If you would like, you may join us in class at 12:00 on Friday as we watch our special video from our first 100 days of school. I can't believe that we have already been in school for almost 100 days! I am so proud of your kids and how far they have come! 

We are STILL in need of LOTS AND LOTS of empty Capri Sun boxes!!!! If you have any please send them to school with your child! Thank you very much!!! Note: if you could please open the boxes at the side (not in the middle around the edges) that would really help us out! Thank you! 

Upcoming Events:  
Friday, January 30: 100th DAY OF SCHOOL!!!
Monday, February 9: NO SCHOOL 
Friday, February 13: Valentine's Day Centers 
Monday, February 16: NO SCHOOL 

Community Service Project: We want to remind you that every student at Inland Leaders is required to participate in a Community Service Project of his or her choosing. The requirement for kindergarten students consists of 6-8 hours of service. These individual Community Service Projects will be due at the end of May, but you might want to start thinking about what you'll be doing now. Please visit our "Community Service Project" tab for more information. 

What Are We Learning This Week?:


Letter Team:  ONG (like in SONG) and ONK (like in HONK).  

Reading: This week we are reading books all about our 100th Day of School! 

Writing: We have some fun writing assignments this week. We will be writing all about our first 100 days of school, what we would do if we had $100, and what we would look like if we were 100 years old. 

Math: We will continue our unit on measurement. This week we will focus on weight.  We will use our balances to see what eight more or less.  We will also continue taking our math timed tests and continue singing our Doubles Song. We are also working on ways to make ten, and decomposing numbers. You can help at home by asking your child questions like, "If I have 4 apples and I need 10 apples, how many more apples do I need?" or "Grandma has ten dogs. 6 dogs are black. How many dogs are white?"

Leadership: This month, our leadership trait is HONOR. Our kindergarten definition of honor is great respect and reputation received.


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