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Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 8-12

Your child's beginning of the year assessment results will be sent home on Friday. Please take some time to review these results with your child. My goal for all students is to have 100% letter, sound, phonemic awareness, shape, and number recognition by the end of our first trimester in November.

Our very first Scholastic Book Order will sent home on Monday. This is such a great and inexpensive way to order books for your child and with every order, you are providing a free book towards our classroom library! Just follow the directions on the Order Form Page that will be sent home or visit the "Book Orders" tab on our website. Book orders are due next Friday, September 19th. They will arrive in our classroom a few weeks after that date. 

The list of elective classes will be posted Monday morning.  Electives will begin the week of September 15th.  If your child is participating in an elective, you may send a lunch to school with him/her on that elective day and lunch supervision will be provided for your children. Kindergarten electives are from 1:00-1:30 and the elective teachers will dismiss your children at 1:30 on the ramp.

Thank you to our volunteer parents!!!  We appreciate your prep work and participation in Fun Friday Centers!!

Sharing Homework is due each week.  Last week less than half of our class did not participate in this component of homework.  Please see the HOMEWORK TAB at the top of the page for the Sharing Homework topic as well as Reading, Math, Writing, Phonemic Awareness topics.  Let’s make it our goal to have 100% participation in Homework.  Thank you!!

Our first field trip is planned!!! We will be going to Los Rios Ranch in Oak Glenn on Tuesday, October 7th. We will be leaving school by bus at approximately 8:15 in the morning and returning at approximately 12:30. The students will get to meet Johnny Appleseed, tour the apple orchards, and even make apple cider! In order for our kindergarten classes to go on this field trip (and all future field trips), we are asking for donations to be made to our Dollar A Day program through the school. Unfortunately, if our kindergarten team does not receive donations, we will not be able to go on this wonderful field trip :(  We are also looking for volunteers to join us and chaperone our field trip. The cost for chaperones is also $7.  If you are interested in chaperoning for our field trip on this day, please EMAIL ME! The $7 chaperone fee needs to be paid directly to me, not Dollar a Day. On Friday, September 19th, we will need to give our final head count to Los Rios Ranch, so if you would like to chaperone please let me know and pay $7 before that Friday. We apologize for any inconvenience, but siblings and little ones are not allowed on this field trip due to the safety of our kindergarten students you will be chaperoning.  Also, be on the look-out for the field trip permission slip that will be coming home in your child's Take Home Folder soon. These are due back to school ASAP in order for your child to go on the field trip.We are so excited for this field trip! Yay!

The link to Dollar A Day is located on the Dollar A Day Donation tab at the top of this page.  We will be using Dollar A Day monies for ALL field trips. 

What Are We Learning This Week?:

Sight Words: LOOK, HERE THIS.

Letter Team: CH (like in "cheetos") and OO (like in "look" - we will learn that OO also makes another sound, like in "pool" a little later on!)

Word Family: AM - like in yam, ram, Sam, Pam, etc. 

Reading: This week, we will focus on the Reading Strategies, Look for a letter team in words, and Y at the end of a word will say e or i (see Reading Strategies Tab). This week, we will read books about apples and Johnny Appleseed, and continue to read books about colors as we learn our color words.

Writing: We are writing a big book together about science tools using sight words we have learned so far. We will be studying these science tools and how and when we use them. We will continue learning to put spaces between each word, use an uppercase at the beginning of each sentence with lowercase letters throughout, and use a period at the end. We will continue to use our sight words in our sentences and use our sound chart to help us sound out the words we do not know how to write.

Math: This week we will learn the name and value of each coin and pretty soon, we will start counting money! You can help at home by having your child name and tell you the value of coins around the house.  We will continue to learn to count by ordinal numbers (first, second, third...) We will continue to identify and name 2D flat and 3D solid shapes, discuss how to sort objects, and "popcorn count" -  identifying what number should come next without going back to 1 to count. We will continue to identify, order, write, and count numbers to 30. We are also learning and using positional words such as above, below, to the right of, to the left of, in front of, behind, between, etc.

Leadership: This month and through September, our theme is "grit". We are teaching that grit is perseverance and passion for long-term goals. We will discuss ways to demonstrate grit at home and at school.


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